Greetings all new pilots of New Eden,
You have just watched these awsome EVE Online space battle videos and finally decided to give a chance to this space MMO, Download the game and now you are sitting in your venture and mining… or shooting at NPCs grinding ISK…

This is a chance for you to break those chains and have a taste of fights and get your first solo killmails \o/

From 14 March to 19 March, everyday 13:00-22:00 Eve time. We will provide you with unlimited Free PVP fitted ships.
You will invite other new players to duels to engage in fights.

We will provide ships and guidance in both our in-game channel Academy Eternal War and our discord channel and we will answer all new pilot’s questions.

Please visit for detailed instructions.

Date : 14-19 March
Time : 13:00 - 22:00 Eve Time

Location: Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy

All new pilots welcome.

@ISD We have created this event for new pilots but from the main forums page you can not see it due to the 4 pinned posts. With the pinned posts it basically makes this system of posting in this section of the forums to get new players attention obsolete unless our target audience opens the sub forum.
To resolve this could you please move our post to the events sub forum. We are trying to get the appropriate visibility for a event that is purely for the benefit of people wanting to learn or improve their PvP skills.
Thank you for your time-JF

It was an awesome event, having all the fights with you was a blast, slowly cawling into frigatte pvp and its fun doing it with nice ppl like you, keep it up!!!

damn I wished I had joined, I didn’t see it lol

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