Seeking BOLD New Pilots ✙ PvE ✙ Explo ✙ PvP ✙

Join ‘Got Content?’ Chat in Game, or Our Discord Linked There

EVE Chill corp refuses to teach our new pilots to belt mine in highsec or run missions as their main gameplay. Instead, our members are out there trying more exciting and lucrative content without waiting to be ‘high skill’ or needing a fat wallet to get started.

Look us up in game and hit ‘Apply to Join’
Then log in to and submit and app at

Every ‘new pilot’ corp out there says ‘social, active, helpful’. We have put in the time and work to have an experienced team and everything you need at your fingertips. We even produce help resources in and out of game, and video tutorials in house.

✓ CEO Active EU Evenings, On Alts US Evening
✓ Scheduled Times Instead of Endless Pings
✓ Discord with Veteran Players and Help Forums
✓ Video Tutorials and Help Linked Everywhere
✓ Skill Plans with Explanations, and Fitting Help

➣ EU/US Times
➣ Discord Voice Comms
➣ Highsec Base near Amarr, Ice, L4s
➣ Nearby Reproc, Manuf Services
➣ Nearby LS and NS for Explo, PI, PvP

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