First PVP Experiences for New pilots

Red vs Blue flight Academy Inviting all new pilots for their first PVP fights and funs …

All rookies invited to Caldari starter system Todaki for taking fights against other rookies .PVP fitted ships are free and unlimited handouts … it is a PUBLIC EVENT and all new pilots from all different factions and corporations are welcome \o/

Veterans answering questions and guiding new pilots on their first PVP endavours!

click this post for details :

@CCP_Fleebix @CCP_Convict @CCP_Dopamine


That’s great…but don’t forget to teach your RvB Flight Academy guy some things…

i dont think i will have any chance … we did see him very shortly . seem like troll crp jumper or like you may be?? huh???

we have been in comms to guide and non stop answering questions he just wanted to try some fights … thats the only time frame we seen him .

seem like he had been listening people in forums and listening them more than he actually take us serious
people telling him what to do :

If he stay in academy we do finance all PVP costs of our cadets untill they learn PVP … And become sefl sufficient … then they can leave and go wherever they want … in fact they can leave whenever they want also too…

this pilot was pretty clueless … and havent stay even enough to engage and ask questions …If he stayed and join some of our classes or at least he might ask in shannel he didntdo that .
Which atm currently we have 48 vets in channel and most veterans … so he made his choice… and decided to not to learn PVP… that’s something we can’t do anything …

Was that any chance your alt or such… since i know how much ■■■■■■ op toxic person you are in forum pages … and harassed me many times in the past?? and considering text i will fallow this pilots future adventures just to see how much more you can stretch this

may be reason for that much effort and ■■■■ posting?

read our academy members comments and ■■■■ post that…

visibly you dont have any job done else than make ■■■■ posts people who put their heart mind and all in their hands for the good purpose …

what are you really?

how much shitty soul you have that … We are pouring down our hearts and mind and our own isk and assets to help new pilots… and you doing this here???

how much you are full of ■■■■ in your soul that you can see an oportunity for new pilots to experience the game and first real PVP fights and instead of giving one like … you sit and ■■■■ post it?

how much i burned your arse still hurting that much? and you are seeking for come back?

I have no idea what I did to warrant this but I in no way asked for the person’s post. Please disregard whatever they may have attempted to do on my behalf. I was very welcomed by the corp and was in the channels for over a week. I only joined yesterday for the pvp practice you mentioned and I had a lot of fun doing it. However, I began to understand more about the game and left to go exploring. While exploring and making a bit of profit I met someone that recruited me after blowing me up and began teaching me. I also met a mentor with many billions who is also helping me learn more. By the post that you screenshotted, I was asking what it meant to be living in a wormhole. I had travelled through them to reach the exploration sites in the first place, yet I did not understand what that meant. In my first post, as you read my goal was to join a null sec alliance/corp and I did just that. I rather ask questions on forums rather than the chat channels as it is harder for people to provide more in depth help and most of my posts were generally ignored but that is another topic that I will refrain from delving into.

I am not in any way a troll and I don’t understand your condescending attitude of by the fact that me not asking a ton of questions or participating in every activity you offered means that I did not learn pvp. I did in fact learn pvp from other sources and your corp is not in any way the only one that helps with that. I am not an alt and believe that ■■■■ talking anyone that disagrees with you isn’t a very good outlook.


Now we all know the set up… he is extremely toxic person never miss any chance to do that… seem like he ued you this time …
About you know pvp ?

So you learned PvP from other sources yes :slight_smile: there is no condensation here…

Just clean your ■■■■ posting

. isd will clean this out

Adding on to the subject of the original post you started raging at, instead of replying to that post, you wrote a nice little essay both critiquing me and the person who directed you to it, you could have replied to that post. Doesn’t mean anything now but if you really wanted to “help rookies” so much, you would have attempted to help me understand what happened instead of baby-raging.

There is no “set up.” Stop thinking everyone who disagrees with you is part of some sort of conspiracy. The original poster did nothing but link a post.

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I m old enough to know the guy in forums … that is his patern observed a year now … and you are clearly off here … good ■■■■ posting work harder untill isd clean out … also im glad you learn pvp that much fast … took my years lol

You really aren’t helping your image here.


Which way he is disagree on this post …? What kind of good intention you see there ? He can easily see you are not in our corp the second he click link. Actually … did you know that ?

Then what did he do here to deserve this by linking a post of me asking a question?

You dont know him… i know … i had read hundreds of his posts in the past and ISD removed many of his harrasing posts towards me …and towards others

Did you know that ?

How exactly am I or anyone else reading this supposed to know that from this conversation?
All I see is some guy directing you to someone needing help and you writing 40 pages of insults against him.

Well im letting you know… he is one of old attendast of eve online forums and loves to ■■■■ post and troll and harass … so when isd came all these posts of him and rest will be gone … you are new … given conditions i just give you very solid feedback … learning PvP in eve online officially takes years groundly … but im glad you made it in 5 days good luck at your future combat experiences …

So? How exactly does that post warrant that response? Its not like he said ■■■■ you or something? Like? What?

Also where is that feedback???

i think you are mixxing up your xuxes here… i don’t recall seeing xuxe xu doing what you are accusing them of doing.

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Nah, you’re ok- it’s me she doesn’t like and it’s me she has somehow decided you are. Go have fun in EvE. She can be…difficult…but you would have learned some if you had stayed a bit longer in RvBFA. If you wanna go to nullsec then cool, hope you learn and enjoy yourself there.

I’m almost tempted to say yes just to see how far you’d take that. :smiley:

hmm…I almost get the impression you don’t like me much, blue ol’ chum…nah, can’t be…you’re too sooperduper nice and I’m simply too adorable to hate.


■■■■ off :slight_smile: untill all post clean out … we all gonna banned !