The first day you start playing eve online is the best day to start learning PVP.

Some people say that new players cannot PVP. Actually, they can. In Eve, every 1-day old player can engage a ship and win. It all depends on how well you choose your fights and pilot your ship. And we are dedicated to this event in order to prove this.

This is an invitation for you to taste PVP, taking solo fights with other rookies, a lot of fun, and a great learning experience for free.

if you like the idea follow these instructions … Non-stop grinding and mining is not a destiny … Write your own!

If you would like to join … and if you are younger than 30 days old in eve Please also X up under this forum post with the pilots’ name you would like to attend with.


What you need to do :

  1. Set destination to Todaki VI - Moon 1 - School of Applied Knowledge. Come with your pod or free corvette.

  2. Join to “Red vs Blue Flight Academy” in game chat channel. Type the letter X into the channel and sent as a message. Or bluelysian right click on this character’s name and choose start conversation to start direct message session with me to ask fleet invite .and You will then get a fleet invite. Accept it. this will also open a fleet special temporary channel. This will allow you to board free ships from very special capital ships called BOWHEAD. Bowheads are like flying stations. They can carry fitted ready to fly ships and pilots can board different ships from their hangar. Also this will allow you to warp to the bowhead. There will be " bowheads outside the Todaki station 200km east and 200 km west side Piloted by Spente le Stelle & Viraha

  3. To do that … warp close to one of those bowhead pilots then right-clicking on Spente le Stele or Viraha’s bowheads. its your your choice one of them is pink :stuck_out_tongue: in the fleet window, and warp to them. Choose “Open Ship Maintenance Bay”, and pick a ship you can fly. There will be fitted PVP frigates for all 4 races suitable to use from the first day of EVE. So do not worry about your skills.

  4. When you board your ship, look for other rookies who have boarded ships from BOWHEADS in the fleet, and invite them to a duel. To do that right-click on the other pilot’s name and choose “Invite to duel” at the bottom. This will give you a special timer between you and the other player. So you can engage each other in high sec without getting killed by Concord. Before you invite anyone or accept any invitation, check how old their character is. You can see that on top if you choose that character, and right-click on it and click show info. We recommend accepting duels from people with a character age less than 30 days.

  5. Please do not kill each other’s Capsules. If you have learning implants or such, try to come with a clean clone. If your Capsule is empty there is no issue, but still do not kill Capsules, as people could be sent many jumps away. If you don’t kill pods, you might have a chance to get another fight from the same person, as opposed to them being sent many jumps away at no reward for you.

  6. After kill (You are free to loot your kills, and you can sell for ISK at Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant station). If you couldn’t get the kill, get into another ship from the bowhead, and try again. IF you need assistance there will be vets to guide you… You can also insure ships and make some isk over it when you lose them.

  7. Please join our discord channel RvB Discord and feel free to chit chat, join comms ask questions if you struggle at any point, and share the fun while fighting each other.

This event was brought to you by the Red vs Blue Flight Academy It’s an institution founded by Red Federation & Blue Republic veterans dedicated to building bridges between veteran PVPers and new pilots who would like to learn the ropes of PVP. It is a non-profit community on focus institution and dedicated to increasing piloting qualities in Eve Online.

The event will take place 16:00-20:00 Eve Time from 21-22 January in Todaki
Veterans will answer questions… introduce modules and fittings as well as hold small classes between fights which include some basic strategies and techniques.

The event takes place in a protected ROOKIE STARTER SYSTEM! Todaki VI - Moon 1 - School of Applied Knowledge
Which is heavily regulated and under surveillance of CCP and we are operating in that system.

*Event only open for the pilots 30 days and younger. This means joining this fleet with high skill points or older characters will not be allowed to take advantage of rookies out of their will. May have heavy results. Orient yourself: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/203209712-Rookie-Griefing

Kindly Regards

Important note: This is not the first time we are running this event. but it’s the first time we are advertising in Eve Online forums so it is very important for us to TEST & EVALUATE the visibility of this event advert by the very new to EVE pilots… Therefore we will not make any advertisement on ingame platforms.


It needs some sort of advertisement in the rookie and career systems too , but I suppose you got that sorted already :slight_smile:
Good luck with this , a much appreciated initiative !

No. i have tried to advertise in Rookie Help Channel in the past. My reasoning was keeping this under the radar of experienced PVPers griefers and some seal clubbers… and reach as many as rookies as possible on behalf of rookies. Mass mailing is no good way. Also trying to convo talk to over 600 rookies and write and explain what it is then explain and ask if they would like to come ?? ? I did that in the past too…takes days and days to do that …
this event already requires too much attention and effort… And CCP doesn’t allow me to advert any other way …
But CCP thinks that it’s a crime and needs to be banned They think that every new pilot visiting and using the forum pages… Now we are testing.

:joy: too late for that . Those are like hawks.

well … think like that… bunch of RVB veterans will defend this event fleet and keep an aye on everything … and even sulk in fleet with 1 day old toons … believe me… :slight_smile: we are all First class smurf spotters :)))

we did that before… and believe or not believe even rookies could figured that out. ship are fitted very clever way and balance against each other … they quickly figure out which ship they can use again which one which fit after experiementing with couple of fits from bowheads… and they can reship unlimited .

Assuming OP is partly or entirely a copy-paste from an in in-game chat MOTD or evemail with proper links, the above might get people confused on the forums especially new ones.

Also might add instead that they can select the part, copy, paste into game and use auto-link to create the related link from that.

Same but this case they can paste the text into the join channel input field and click join to join the channel.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes i have written it in-game and i had been planning to sent it as ingame invitation mail for the pilots Who X up here… so they can easily make the clicks and direct… which is not possible here… on this platform.

i can remove these and correct them… still there is no reaction from new pilots … sad…

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode can i copy paste this post new eden citizens Q&A thread ?.. may be increase visibility ?

I personally promote my guides and giveaways by having 12 alts, one for each NPC starter corp so I can sign on to them and post the promotion in their corp chats, thus trying to reach as many potential new players as possible. Now that you can sign off to the character selection screen it is considerably faster than before when you had to close the client and run a new one even to switch to characters on the same account.

Also in this day and age of free Alpha accounts it is easy to create alts, though not entirely sure with the new character creation how you can choose the different starter corps as your destination, it was as easy as choosing your school back then but now that option might not be available based on what people recently posted on the forums so not 100% sure if and how it can be done at the moment. Still if possible and you intend to do this initiative in a serious capacity it might worth the time figuring out and doing if it can be done.

thank you so much for suggestion but i would like to bring some facts here…

IF EvE online is sanbox game (was) where player made organic content must be indispensable and preacious over to DEV made content . And must be supported or facilitated IF NOT possible at least shouldn’t be bedevilment.

I m promoting an Event which serves many great purpose and needs for EvE Eco system and great fun and learning oportunity for New players. and be able to make my voice heard… I SOULD create 12 ALFA ACCOUNT ? ?

12 alfa account cannot be login at the same time and if i event advert my event each channel for 1 hour and spam it every 5-10 min … this means 12 day long i need to spent 12 hours in game without playing any of my OMEGA accounts … which I am also leader of the community… And i wont ask any of the veteran pilots who are already solid PVP players and already helping the Academy members very intensely …we do also finance everything …And event require lot of effort and attention self… Also i wont ask Academy pilots … who they are very new into game to go under this kind of torture …

There is ingame EVENTS channel where we can post these things . But its FORBIDDEN to link that Events channel into Rookie help and English Help channel where my target population gather… Because its and ADVERTISEMENT. But at the same time its possible to link ENGLISH RECRUITMENT CHANNEL into help channels … which is also ADVERTISEMENT.

CCP has no logic and NO reasoning here …

They are not facilitating the player efforts who would like to do something for the community’s behalf. And they don’t care about anything but the rules and they don’t question their own rules accuracy either. But they are punishing easily

they are not even so aware of how they can facilitate and struggle to understand retention issues,
they are living in a hallucination and assume this post in EVENTS / INGAME events threat is enough to reach out to New Pilots.

This is a test post that also measures the effectiveness of this FORUM.

SO far not even a single New Pilot commented. All veterans we are talking here.


Umm not sure what this is all about and none of my concern either you have to make that tango with CCP.

As for my suggestion it was just that, a way to more efficiently promote your events. Nobody said you should, just that you could if wanted to.

Also spamming is not something I have ever done nor recommend to do and you don’t need to stay in chat / on one character for more than a few seconds to post an ad a couple times a day preferably at different time zones. Personally I really dislike spam and “forced” ads so never done more than one post a day but usually even more rarely though I don’t think it could be considered a spam if it is at least several hours apart per npc starter corp chat.

If the character is docked up you can sign off which takes a second or two at most then switch to another character on the same account that also takes like five to ten seconds to load then post the ad again and repeat a third time after which you have to close the client and load the next account and continue on with the same process. Should be doable in less than 30 minutes especially if your client loads fast (might depend on your hardware) while back in the day when switching back to the character selection screen was not possible it took usually more than an hour to perform this for me each time to go through all 12 characters, though my computer might not be the fastets loading the client.

Anyway I was just sharing my method in case you want to reach more people and expanded upon the details in this post furthermore just so you are aware of such details.

As for your agenda and fight with CCP it has nothing to do with me so I stay out of it.


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