PvP for a New player

So I’ve been playing for six days now although I made my account a while ago.

I’ve done some mining a few missions and the normal stuff.

There seems to be no scope for new players to access engagement on a equal basis. Am I right?


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No, you are wrong. Head to faction warfare space and you will find plenty to decent pvp for new players. Equal fights in any space are very rare, but with a proper fit you can hold your own against a much tougher opponent.


What is equal, to you?

Same ship, same weapons, exact same skills?

Characters created on the same day?

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Sort of.

If you’re talking solo PvP then you’re probably going to have a hard time finding another player on your level to fight against 1v1. The best chance you’ll have is joining faction warfare. Novice complexes are limited to T1 and faction frigates which are cheap and easy to fit and fly. Even experienced pilots will be limited to engaging you with these ships (though their knowledge of tactics and fittings will probably still give them a considerable edge)

If you join up with a group you’ll have a much better chance of getting into fights where you’re on the winning side (plus there’s a good chance someone in your group will share tactics and fittings with you).

Starting out in PvP is an uphill battle. Just know you’re probably going to lose close to 20 ships before you get a kill and that’s normal. Try asking the person who killed you for their fit and advice and join a group that’s open to helping new players. Trying to learn all on your own can make things harder.


There is no ‘fair play’ arena in EVE, no. Any player looking to engage in PvP is going to do his very best to ensure that he engages on his terms, to his advantage, in order to win. That’s kind of the point.

As a new player, it’s hard to find ways to engage in meaningful PvP in which you’re not at a total disadvantage. Because the pool of PvPers at your stage of development is small, and relatively much smaller compared to the pool of PvPers who have more ISK, skill points, and experience than you.

This is a significant game design flaw in a game that advertises itself as a ‘PvP game’, and in which a constant stream of players are asking “where’s the PvP?” - when what they really mean is “where’s the PvP in which it isn’t pointless/frustrating/hard to find/suicidal for me to engage in?”.

CCP could certainly address this issue, and should have, years ago, but they’ve always had trouble understanding what their own game is actually about. Thus, they keep making design missteps and wasted efforts.

On the other hand, starter frigates are pretty cheap to put together - do some Career Agent sets and you’ll have enough for plenty. You can poke around in Faction Warfare, fly into low sec, or join a corp like Red vs Blue and experience a fair bit of PvP of some sort or another. Just don’t take anything expensive with you or on your ship, no expensive implants in your head (you will get podded) and make sure your clone/respawn point is not too far away.


Specter fleets and other NPSI fleets exist, they do take new players and you’ll be fighting in a group which is good for learning.

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A lot of entry level pvp has been nerfed but there are still ways to get into it.

FW is a good way to limit your exposure when pvp’ing.

Keep in mind though, the nature of eve makes solo hard for ANYONE. Even vets have a hard time soloing.

The best resource in eve is friends. Get yourself out there joining fleets and chatting.


As others have already stated, there are no fair fights in EVE. Players will try to use every advantage they have to win a fight.

But this advantage does not solely lie in skill points, or price of your ship. You can use superior numbers to win a fight, or play the rock-paper-scissors game, every ship has a weakness, exploit that.

The intuitive answer to your question is “no”. The game does not create or feature any mechanism for players to engage each other on equal footing. However, YOU can. But to do this, you must understand the aspects of the game that are relevant to the situation, the “scope”, that you are trying to create. It is just very unlikely that you will have understanding of the game in greater abundance than someone who has been playing for a long time and even then, the number of situations in which YOU can win will be far smaller than the number of situations in which the veteran(s) will likely prevail.

EVE won’t even the odds for you, but you can try to even the odds for yourself.


Equal basis is not a part of EVE. If you are expecting this then I have one question for you:

Can I has your stuff when you leave?

This must be the right time to put a provisional “good riddance” here too.

yea u are wrong!

im a new player too and pvp is pretty fun :slight_smile:

if u have problems gettin into pvp or other aspects of the game maybe try to search for a nice corp first? its always easier gettin into any stuff if u have a nice group/guild(corp) they gonna help u and answer most of ur questions and maybe even set u up with some nice ship or gear :wink:

btw is this ur first mmorpg?

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