How to start pvp?

Do you get started in pvp?
After watching videos and streams while researching this game I want to do pvp, but I have no idea where to start. I mean hell I’m still doing starter missions.
How much of a transition will this be from the pvp of battlegrounds in wow and such?

In faction warfare. Find some corp, that is active in your timezone and go talk to them. Even player in shuttle can be a scout for a fleet. Good corp will teach you how to get maximum from your current skills. It will take time, of cause, till you will be good in solo PvP, but even fleet PvP in eve is much fun if you ever manage to find a target :wink:

Welcome to Eve.

There are PVP alliances that focus on training new players. Eve University and Brave Newbies are examples.

Good luck.

brave are aweful.

They are incomparable.

  • Do not expect fair fights
  • Do not expect arranged rules
  • Do not expect matched numbers
  • Do not expect equal skillpoints

That said, getting started is easy. Take a frigate and fit you feel comfortable flying, buy 100, head to low sec.

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