A newbie, wants to learn PvP, but no idea how to join a corp

Hi guys, sorry for my poor English. I want to ask how can I join in a corp, and what’s the process looks like? Cuz, I saw some API requirement, TS3 channel and other things. I don’t know how to get that. I really want to learn how to PvP, not just finish the NPC task. I think this is a team game. So hopefully someone can give me some brief intro. Appreciated that. Thx

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There is a large difference for PvP in FW and PvP everyowehere else. In FW you get into some cheap frigate and sneak into novice complex. In populated systems you are lucky if you will not die in two minutes. Lots of PvP, minimum wait time and all that with match maker (only T1 frigates can come into your complex).
There is a number of FW newbie friendly corps, warp into region you want ot settle in and check who is active same time as you do. Of cause plenty of pirate corps there too, but some of them will let you join only to kill you. In FW corps people rearely awox (though also can happen). Try Villore accords, for example.

Outside of FW PvP is a very very random in sense of opportunity. You can roam for hours to get at least one target to shot at. Or you can sit hours waiting till the fleet forms. Or you can sit in gate camp, shooting ships, that does not shoot back… or you can wait till someone finds you a wormhole with sore PvE guy, who will also not able to harm you caus ehe has not warp disruptor fitted… Of cause you can get lucky and get into the middle of heavy war, where you just listen “warp/hold/fire” and obey. F1 monkey … nothing more, than another row on killboard.

It is your game, you choose. Many players really enjoy ganking in high sec and eve have attitude to call it ‘PvP’ (and technically they are right - it is a sort of player vs player interaction), though you are never get a ‘gf’ there. Simply because it is no fight, it is a slaughter with one single purpose - use risk free environment to fix ganker’s wounded selfesteem, probably hurt in real life for being same a** and a loser as in game.

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How is any part of that lucky? Fleets are where budding young PvPers go to die of boredom :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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In your own language forum section or ingame chat channel, you can also find fellow players and corp ads. Perhaps it’s easier for you to get help in your native language.
On the other hand: In the US/En section you learn PvP AND English :wink:

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Use the in-game Corp finder tool and set the filters for what you need/want.
Most all good larger corps will help in training for most everything.

I thought everyone switched to discord from ts3 for it’s being better in pretty much every way

noone has perfect english

there’s many great corps and alliances who’d happily take someone eager to learn more I’m sure

depends what you’re looking for high sec gank fleets war dec corps low/null roams gate camps
code and goonswarm do high sec gank fleets
marmite does war decs
and pretty much anyone else who does pvp do low/null
I don’t know much of the null sec politics

Try Red vs. Blue, or R-v-B.

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