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I’ve been playing for a couple weeks and I can’t explain it but something keeps bringing me back to this game. I bought a starter pack after hitting a wall completing lvl 2 security missions. I’ve wasted isk buying navy issue ships just to get ganked in low sec spaces. I’m looking for help in enjoying this game I realize i can’t keep going on. y own. I joined a high sec mining corp on my forst day and while they’re good guys I don’t think its the right one for me. I like pve, would like to learn about pvp and abyss and things like that. Currently have about 2.5 mil skill points. Help please because I know I enjoy this game but would enjoy it more with the right guidance.


Sounds to me like you could use being in a group of people who do PvP, abyss and other things you would like to try doing, and could guide you to do so.

If your current corporation doesn’t have that, why not try finding another corporation?

For example when I was a few weeks into the game as new player I wanted to get to know null sec life and PvP, so I joined a null sec corporation that’s welcoming and helpful to new players (Brave Newbies) and got to learn that part of the game. I liked that playstyle and the people, so years later I’m still with the same corporation.

While null sec life and fleet fight PvP may not be attractive to everyone, I’m sure that whatever you want to do there probably is a good corporation for you to join that does those things.

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You’re new here, welcome to EvE.

You cant get ganked in low or nul sec (ganking is only in Hi sec). Its just PvP, there is no fair fight in eve unless its an accident or arranged.

Healing is Reps (repairing)
Crafting is Building or Manufacturing
Quests are Missions
There are no player owned Stations. Players can own Citadels and NPCs own Stations

Depends on who you ask. Many (including me) call any attack with overwhreming odds or against a non-PvP target a “gank”, and the highsec variety - a “suicide gank”.

OP, look for a corp that fits the profile of what you do. A highsec mining corp is about the most boring environment someone interested in combat could have found themselves in.

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Well, you’re wrong so…

Also, there is no such ship in Eve that is a “non-PvP” ship.

If you say so. That is how many people use it so I’m informing OP your usage isn’t the only one.

They are wrong too.

Something something jump off a bridge something

@Gerard_Amatin ‘s advice is the best advice. Ditch the corporation that isn’t working out — be sure to say „bye“ in a kind manner, no hard feelings as you never know what kind of friendships you’ll keep in the long term — and look for one that does work.

The only thing I have to add to Gerard’s advice is to keep looking at other corporations even after finding the next one. Who knows, maybe the next corporation is great for abyssals but you’re not letting much in the PvP department. Stay a while, listen, once you feel you know enough, hop over to yet another corporation.

Lastly, I want to mention that since you are low SP, there’s gonna be a lot of competition for where to put your SP next. The more diverse activities you examine, the more your skill plan risks being frankenstein‘d together. Set small goals, and have a plan for what you want to do that day you get the goal. Going to get a first cruiser? Use it in a cruiser sized FW fleet (if in a FW corp) for example. Don’t fear losing it (but don’t chuck it away). Going to get your first or second T2 guns? Be ready with a fit to use em the day you get them!

It will help reinforce your brain for „plan an activity → put together a ship fit → put together a skill plan → day you get the skills, go do the activity.“ Regardless of your core activity, this will help skill plan discipline in the face of „I wanna learn everything“.

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I’m gonna agree with Inaishite here, there’s ganking and there’s suicide ganking. Whenever I kill a miner, explorer or ratter in low/null/wh they’ll sure call it a gank. And no, they are not all newbies unaware of the nature of the game.

To be honest, if you think suicide ganking is the only form of ganking in game, I suspect you’ve never left high sec.


I don’t think I’ve lived in hi-sec for more than a year in the 15 years I’ve been playing.

I guess if you want to call an orange blue, go ahead, that doesn’t make it correct. This is Eve, not some other crappy theme park MMO, our terms are different. There are no non-pvp ships, you consent to pvp when you create your account. Only hi-sec has ganks, everywhere else its just pvp.


guys can we stop being forum warriors arguing about semantic, and focus on helping this new player, who would like to discover pve, pvp, abyss
OP: find a newbie-friendly corp and you will soon get friends, help, lessons, enemies and things to do, like Gerard Amatin in Brave
In the meantime you can join eve-uni, they teach new players about every aspect of the game
See you in space


No u

This is absolutely pointless, you’re trying to dictate how an informal jargon word is used in a video game. I can claim it is 100% correct to use “gank” this way and you are wrong and we wouldn’t be any wiser. (This is not what I’m claiming btw, I accept there are different understandings of the term, I think my distinction is more useful though.)

Only hi-sec has ganks, everywhere else its just pvp.

It’s clearly PvP (player vs. player activity) in highsec as well.

Where would the fun in that be?

You are right, but it’s fun!
“Gank” derives from “gang kill”, so basically it’s a group killing an enemy.
EveUni definition: “To ambush and destroy an enemy, without giving them the chance to fight back.”
No security status of location or chars mentioned.

@OP: This Lexicon is quite handy when you are following chats, read/watch footage, or listen to FCs.

Most of the Eve playerbase, when using the word “gank”, will immediately think solely of the specific PVP that is “high-sec suicide ganking”. This stems from the game’s first 15 years of gameplay pre-Crimewatch and pre-Wardec overhauls. There were rich and diverse forms of high-sec PVP allowed without CONCORD intervention and so people wanted a term specifically for the “with CONCORD intervention suicide ganking high sec PVP” plus the “the timers are confusing and I am an idiot and I engaged a successful suspect-baiter who is now up-shipping to blow my unprepared butt up”. The latter no longer really exists these days.

So CONCORD-less High-Sec, Lowsec, WH, and Nullsec PVP all was just “PVP” and it was considered foolish to “think yourself ganked” in those areas of space because… this is Eve. You should always be prepared to be shot and fight back. Even when you’re staring at a suspect-baiter in High Sec who stole from your MTU.

People are free to use the word “gank” however they want in whatever intended manner they want but must take responsibility for any ensuing confusion for going against 15+ years of colloquial, historic, and culturally understood usage of the term.


I take full responsibility for using the word differently than a bunch of old people who can’t stand the fact a word can have multiple uses or shift in meaning.

Also it seems you’re confusing using the word “gank” with thinking it’s somehow wrong. It’s not, this is EVE and you’re going to get murdered whether it’s a fair fight or not.

Excuse me while I happily continue to gank explorers in lowsec, wormhokes and null.


You’re way too defensive. Suicide ganking, ambushing, getting the jump on someone, hotdropping, w/e doesn’t bother me, and I have been on the receiving end with the corresponding losses.

Just giving a history lesson why the Eve community’s historic use of the word is so very different from every other game. Chill out, and maybe stop being ageist along the way. Or not, I’m not your mother.

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You misunderstand. I don’t doubt *you* know what the game is about - I was saying that just because *I* call an explorer in a Heron getting jumped by a Proteus a “gank”, it doesn’t mean I think it’s wrong/cowardly/unjust/dishonorable of the Proteus pilot to do so. This is what you seemed to imply by

And that philosophy is inconsistent anyway IMO - I don’t think a T1 explo frigate in wormhole space will ever be “prepared to be shot and fight back”. Attacking a hacking Heron will always be seal clubbing unless you’re also in a T1 fit for exploration or they specifically fit for tanky baiting. Its only real defense is avoidance. I call all of that PvP, but I also differentiate ganking soft targets from picking actual fights.

Chill out, and maybe stop being ageist along the way.

Being an old person is a state of mind, you’d be surprised how many 20-30 year old boomers there are running around!

Glad we cleared it up.

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No. Just no. I work in a Hospital. There are Physiological differences that come with advanced age. So no. lol

I know there are many “newbie” friendly corps out there, there’s Eve uni, and a myriad of new player focused training corporations within the larger alliances/coalitions.

Some days, however, I feel that a (semi-official ?) Mentor program would be an asset to the game as well: an initiative where veterans can enlist to be mentors to a limited number of new players. One on one training for a limited number of days, explore a few possibilities to determine the focus for the next skill queue, accent on pve or on pvp or general, ship fitting, etc etc etc. I admit, tough to set up and maintain, and maybe even contrary to the spirit of this decade, lol.

I’m sure a mentor would have told OP 1) not to buy navy ships “a couple weeks” into the game nor 2) venture into lowsec just yet and 3) how to tackle lvl2 sec missions by properly skilling and using the correct ship + piloting.