How can I start solo pvp?

How can I start solo Pvp at eve online as a beginner? I have moa , cormorant and and merlin. I heard that if you pvp in low sec, then your ship will automatically be destroyed or something like that. Is that true? And if it is, How can I prevent that from happening? Thank you for your time!

I suggest you start your PvP in fleets, if you haven’t already done so, and switch to solo when you have a better idea of what’s what. Faction warfare would be a good place to start, or a newbie corp offering PvP training.


I’ll buy you ten frigates to lose.

If you’re afraid of losing ships at first it’ll stunt your progress. Get in a disposable ship that you’re comfortable losing and go somewhere dangerous, try to kill something maybe. When it inevitably kills you first try to learn something, a take home message from each altercation. Talk to people. You don’t have to join a corp if you prefer a more solo playstyle. Solo is harder but very rewarding and you can always have friends in a shared chat rather than in a corp but talk to everyone who will talk to you. If they just blew you up be humble not angry, ask them what you did wrong to get blown up and ask for tips at every opportunity. It can be hard for a very new player to even build a ship they’re happy to lose which is why I made the offer at the top. Pretty soon you’ll be able to support regularly losing ships worth a few mil without sweating it. The best way to learn anything is by doing it imho. If you want to get in touch by EvE-Mail we’ll work out a fit and i’ll get those ships out to you.


Okay… let us set some expectations.

  • Even for veteran players, solo PvP is difficult
  • Just because you choose to operate solo, it does not mean that others will respect that and fight you solo (see also: People won’t fight fair)
  • As you admitted, you are a “beginner.” This means that you may not fully understand all of the mechanics and/or nuances of ship combat. And without any guidance and/or obsessive research, you may not be able to (this also ties back to the first point; solo PvP is hard even for veterans).

What does this mean for you?

  • It would probably be best to start looking for a “good” PvP group to take you in
    – To find a “good” PvP group is a little tricky, but doable
    – “Good” PvP groups generally don’t advertise that they exist
  • You can start by building up your cash and buying a whole bunch of Tech 1 Frigates and various mods to fit them with (look up PvP builds for your favorite firgates)
  • Move them to a location close to low-sec
    – Avoid basing your PvP forays near Amamake, Tama, Old Man Star, and Rancer. These systems are havens for outlaws and often have gatecamps on them
  • Prefit all your ships
  • Go into low-sec and see if you can fight people.
  • Talk with the people who kill you
    – Be polite, make jokes, ask for advice on how to do better, play the social game
    – Yes, you skills may be lacking… but most “good” PvP corps recruit based on your personality
    – You may not be picked up right away. Build trust. See if you can fight them again in the future
    – You will die. A lot
    – Build up more ISK. Rinse and repeat
    – Even after you have been accepted into a group, keep in mind that the group still does not completely trust you. And you shouldn’t either. Don’t give anyone your stuff. Not without collateral
    – Over time that trust will build and you will learn from them

Once you get to a point where you can rescue friendlies from fights… you are ready to start trying to solo PvP.

Now… to answer your questions more directly:

It depends.

If you have the misfortune of jumping into a low-sec system with a gatecamp on the other side… then there is a good chance you will be blown up.
There are ways to blow past it… but they do require a bit of forethought (hint: always fit a MWD and head back to the gate you came from).

Generally speaking… low-sec systems that are closest to trade hubs (Jita, Rens, Hek, Amarr, Dodixie) carry the highest risk of gatecamps.
See if there are “back roads” into low-sec that see little traffic.
It may take longer to get there… but the risk is also lower.

Once you actually start roaming through low-sec space things ironically become less dangerous (relatively speaking).
Until you dock in a station and someone decides to wait for your outside.
But there are ways around this too (hint: make a bookmark 150+km off your favorite station’s undock port… you can then warp to it and avoid campers)

tldr: Find a group and learn from them. All it takes is practice and knowledge.
Many people have lived in low-sec. Many still do. Many will continue to do so.
Relish the challenge and see where your mouth can take you!


Solo PvP in EVE online is like going to walk in North-Korea screaming USA!

You will stay quiet and look for a fight…
You have been analyzing multiple targets!
You know that Stratios is probably a bait!!.. But you have spent 6 hours in the game to find a fight and you just go for it!!!
Solo Stratios vs Stratios!! (At least you hoped so!)
He’s friends decloaked!
You have been Scrammed, tripple webbed, ecm, neutralized… Your ship capacitor is already empty, your dual rep holds up another 1.2 seconds…
Here is your 5second solo PvP fight that you were looking for the whole day! :rofl:

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Oh okay, What would be a good fleet for beginners?

Try Spectre Fleet, its public, you don’t need to join any corporation.
On the website you can see upcoming fleets and in the game there is channel XUP-1 where you x-up for upcoming fleets and get invitation.

Really fun to mock around sometimes and you get to see first hand, how poor souls suffer.

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I have an alt in “Red vs Blue”, based in the Black Rise region. There are 2 corps who occasionally fight each other, but more often band together in fleets to take on whoever’s about in lowsec or nullsec. there’s an SRP, and very often free ships are given away before a fleet. Training fleets take place at intervals, and the alliance members are extremely helpful, both in chat and on Discord.

I think you’re confused with concord mechanics in high sec.

In low sec, if you aggress someone illegaly on a gate or station, the sentry guns will fire at you. These guns have perfect tracking and hitdecently hard, a frigate or destroyer will immediately die but a tanky cruiser will survive for a while.
Out in space (FW plexes, anoms, belts, safe spots, etc…) you can shoot anyone you want, the only repercussion is a mild hit on your security status. If you don’t care about your security status, you can kill pods as well, they’ll drop your sec status even lower.

Some great advice here.

Gate mechanics are important as that’s where a lot of pvp happens so learn about it and use it to your advantage.

Other than that go to notorious systems and ask for a 1v1 in local.

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