PvP Solo Tactics Used

Looking for advice / help. I read a post lately, on Twitter, player in EVE 8 years, lots of training, ISK, experience etc had never been able to successfully “kill” anyone. Died many times, but could not make this part of EVE happen. Don’t want that to be me. This is my 4th trip into the EVE Universe, I have lots of training, Omega account, working up to my 1st billion in ISK through market trading, joined a corporation awhile back during a previous EVE attempt and killed one player. To be honest I was with a group and simply got the last hit, nothing more than that. Killed many rats, but as for solo, nada. Have watched hours of Youtube, helped somewhat but still lacking. I don’t want to join any Corps, have started my own now, prefer solo play.

What I’m asking here is a each persons preference or tactics, detailed in “newbie player” language. Part of the Youtube training problem fr me is that I cant follow don’t know the common terms being used, gank, cap etc. If you would also post your ship type, fit and how/when you use your fittings.

This is long post but really looking for some help here.



Although this forum thread is old, it is still one of the best forum threads ever created on this topic.

The OP goes through the entire process, from deciding on fits and how the fit performed in combat, up to and including how their, the OP’s, increasing personal experience in combat factored into each situation.

It is a long read, no doubt, and some of the information is outdated; but, the player’s personal journey from inexperienced combat pilot to experienced solo combat pilot is as relevant as ever.

It is well worth reading.


p.s. some of the links are no longer viable, but some still are.

Edit is to add this: Although BattleClinic is no longer up, Zappity’s fits can be found on Zkill, just cross reference the dates of the posts on the old EVE forums with the ship losses posted on Zkill, and you’ll have the fit.


You give a lot of info. But not exact one. What ships do you want to fly? What weapon systems you are trained best? What area you will solo pvp lowsec, hisec, wh or 0.0? Will you roam or camping? Should it look bait or honorable fight? Will you engage some combat stuff or kill some industrial or ventures? Answer this questions will help much)

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Go into Faction Warfare, there you can learn solo PVP with low costs.
Get a frigate oder destroyer. Search for other people running a FW-plex. Important, avoid systems with many people in, as in such systems there is a high chance your victim will have some buddies nearby.
Try to guess who is in the FW-plex and scan with the directional scanner what he is flying.
Check his killboard and search for the ship he has recently lost matching the scanned ship type.
Theorycraft the results of the fight taking into account your ship and fitting. If you come to the result that you probably can‘t win (e.g. he is scram kiter with better range control than you, while you are close range fit=blasters) then search for other prey or switch or refit your ship if your HQ is close range.
After some tries of this you will get your first solo kill for , if you are willing to learn from failures.


Hi there, I am also a solo player who does solo pvp. I’ll share with you some of what I’ve learned.

Eve uni has a pretty comprehensive glossary. It should be just the thing you’re looking for. Check it out here:


A good place to start is Faction Warfare (FW). You do NOT have to join FW to participate in the pvp it has to offer, you simply go to FW space to find fights. To find FW space you can use the in game map.

This guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z7dkJrFiKZo4w_xVgJSmWCUyvKQ8Ha8Q/view is a great place to find starting ships and fits. These ships can all enter novice outposts in FW space. No other ships can enter those outposts so you can use this mechanic to your advantage and limit the variety of ships who are able to attack you. Once inside a novice outpost you can use your ships directional scanner to basically “see” if anyone is outside and about to come in. Novice outposts are a great way to eliminate a lot of the variables that can kill you before you even find an acceptable fight.

Feel free to message me in game. I’m always down to help.

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learning how to split gangs up using various techniques;

  • by using gate mechanics
  • misdirection
  • safe logging


  • basically using the enemies speed against them, plenty on it on youtube.

how to kite and scram kite…

low sec facwar plex mechanics.

  • people cant warp to other people in the plex
  • once you have taken the gate and slid into the plex, that is where everyone else will land; this make it precarious for kiters to come in after others.

ship recognition.


I’ve played Eve Online for 5-6 years, admittedly not always seeking PvP and with quite a few quit and returns, but I have taken part in FW and also nullsec corps. I have unfortunately never earned a single kill in Eve Online in all that time - at least that I can recall, whilst my deaths took quite a bit of scrolling.

The problem I think is you can’t simply rely on a generic PvP fit to be successful at solo PvP. You need to actually put a lot of research into it. You need to decide up front what you’re flying and what you’re targeting. Then your fit needs to be a hard counter to that only, while you run away from everything else. I think it might be a lot of effort (as is everything in this game).

I’m not sure if I have time for that, but may decide to give it a go once I build this character up.


I have 28,724,957 in skill points, but if the tactics fit me I will train towards that area if I am short. I have stealth, cloaking, missiles, cruise missiles, Level V’s in most engineering categories, a good list I believe, but I will train towards whatever goal needed. I know EVE is the long game here, no shortcuts.

As for the rest of your response. At this time I would like to to try pvp low sec, both roaming and camping, honorable fight, not sure what baiting is but not likely, both combat and industrial/venture. Basically whatever opportunity presents itself.

Sounds like where I am at, good skills, scouring Youtube, looking to improve, don’t mind investing the training time.

Thanks for the reply.

Every ship in eve is good for solo pvp. But there are no ship which can win everything. So there some necessary steps:

  1. Choose a ship you want to fly.
  2. Create a fit for it.
  3. Understand what targets you can kill, and who you mast escape.
  4. Make a flight stile.
  5. Bring 10 fitted ships to the nearest hisec system of an area of your operation.
  6. Blow them all in fights.
    You will get your solo mail to 5th ship i think.
    !BUT you must be ready for been out numbered, baited, or just flying for 10 hours with no kills.
    If you tell exact ship type you want to fly i will try help you with fitting and figuring you targets.

You need to study the CODE of New Halaima, that will teach you the art of PvP.

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Is he a miner?

I sure hope not!

Nah, a catalyst pilot i think; specialises in shooting things that cant shoot back, admittedly its a sure fire way of winning every fight.

You’re going to get asploded a LOT, especially early on.
I would seriously suggest you join an established corp for a while where there’ll be others around to help you.
From what you’re saying, maybe check out Red V Blue (RVB). There’s folk there that will be happy to help you with basic flight skills for pvp.


I wrote a tutorial on maneuver and build mechanics a couple years ago


Try it out. It’s the stuff I used to teach when I was pirating.

Some thought it was good.

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Thanks this is very helpfull

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Glad to help!

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excellent guide Ghost, CCP should sticky that for everyone to use

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