Looking for a pvp mentor

I want to become a god at pvp. I understand the basics but don’t get near enough action, practice, or guidance. I want to learn / specialize in solo to small gang pvp / am open to learning in lowsec, nullsec, or jspace. I’m looking for someone to take me under their wing and to really grind the ins and outs of pvp to make a name for myself. Not sure where to look but figured this was a good start.

Just to clarify: are you talking about solo, small-gang, or fleet PvP? If you’re interested in fleet PvP, are there any specialized roles you’re looking into?

I’m interested in both solo and small gang pvp; somewhere in the 1 - 6 people range

Also when in small gangs I wouldn’t mind specializing in ewarfare, already trained for the rook and falcon / probably train the curse next

What’s your tz and normal eve hours?

Eastern tz
Main play hours are 02:00 - 0:700 and then a few hours here and there (stay at home dad so movie / nap time I get to play)

I may reactivate for a bit. I enjoyed training pilots while I was in the militia. I can show you basics like how to kite, tackle, and spiral. As for becoming a pvp god. Well, you’re half way there already, considering you are in a way immortal.

Most of the rest is tireless ship study and memorization and being consistent. Mistakes can discourage you or make you better.

A mentor can help, but the best teacher is experience. I always advise fw and lots of small frig battles in lowsec for people looking to learn. You need any tips hit me up. I might be up for a roam or something, but I’m a pretty ■■■■ FC.

I opened a thread that covers the essentials you need to understand of mechanics.

Read that and, if you are patient enough to wait for me to login, I’ll work with you.

I can train individual mechanics in Umokka… which is a helluva start.

If That goes ok, I’ll hook you up with someone solid to finish your training. I still shoot the ■■■■ with real pirates now and then.

Above all, keep having fun.

Linky here: [Free Training] Allow me to help you (or your corp) learn PvP

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Come fly with us out in Galmilistan and Lowsec. You will get more fights (Daily fights are easy, most of our people get more then 1 a day though). We always like meeting new people. Add me, and feel free to message anyone in Moira…

Yep. Join Faction Warfare. Best way to learn pvp.

Which faction should you join?
Minmatar best-matar.

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Hello sir, you may fly spaceship with Techsupport Reloaded. and fight with the mighty Caldari warriors. Yesterday I lernt to use Warp Distruptor to advanced level and how to turbo boost to runaway and this o/.

Abjeet tells to fly the Kestril but I like the Condor for nice bonus to Warp Distruptor and is very very fast.

Techsupport Reloaded. delivers excellent customer service 24/7.

Thank you, come again.

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