I want find a teacher about pvp

I have been play EVE for three years.In the years,I felt so boring in make isk and i noticed that the war(pvp) is really the main title in EVE.But the solo was a little difficulty for me,because i think if let me think about what i lack in PVP.That is enough experience and Knowledge what i think.What’s more, i lack Knowledge about pvp more.So,i want to find a teacher about pvp.he can spend a little time solo with me or tell me more PVP knowledge or take me to kill anthor pilot for studying.Of cause ,All of its is paid.

I know some corps will offer mentorships, but I think they typically only offer that to their members. I don’t know though. Might be people willing to take on eager students.

check out https://www.spectre-fleet.space/ anyone can join their fleets

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