Looking for pvp Coach

I’ve watched all the recommended YouTube videos, flown and lost at least 100 ships across all my characters, read every imaginable guide. And I have completly stalled in any reasonable progress towards becoming a better pvp pilot(Solo/Smallgang). At this point I think my isk would be better spent hiring a pvp coach. If this sounds like something your interested in you can reach me here or ingame. EUTZ here aswell.

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find me ingame please … and no need for isk … i have grow many pilots into PVP last couple of years…I do expect only descent attitude and right mindset … I dont give shortcuts… You have to go into fittings, mechanics, piloting skills and more all the way . And we have a good team here you can practice together …


I thought eve uni and brave coached newbros for pvp?

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Red vs Blue is specialized on PvP and only PvP. https://rvbeve.com/rvb-flight-academy/
None of these organizations you mentioned finance their protégés PvP activities until new pilot become self sufficient. RvB does. And it’s non profit institution .

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this is badass.

If you’re still looking, feel free to send me any questions you might have. No charge.

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he’s not looking for some spodbrain null f1 pushing fleet pvp training. he’s looking to be a sufficient solo pvp pilot. think of 1 on 1 league coaching in ranked to get to higher elo

good luck in your search my guy, free bump

come to amamake , ill fly with u , i need someone to leech the will to pvp off of anyways.

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