Apprentice Looking for a PVP pirate mentor

Hello. My name is Michael and im 39 years old and from Israel.
I am looking for a pirate mentor or a group of PVPers to teach me how to PVP.

Fair warning, I will require a decent amount of hand-holding and would love to have a mentor who would spend time teaching and mentoring me on the arts of PVP and taking me out for pirating and other adventures :wink:

Fair warning, I currently know only the basics of flying, I know how to scan and very basic PVP so there is a lot I don’t know.
I am a fast learner and in the future will prove to be a valuable asset and a great wingman.

My main enjoyment would probably come from Pirate action, ransoming people for ISK, scouting behind enemy lines, exploring and scanning for pirating targets.
My PVP experience with the game is spamming F1 on FC target calling and jumping through gates after a bunch of people.

In most PVP games I played I took charge of helping others. I possess high leadership skills and attract people to play with me. Eve is the one game I haven’t been able to fully get into because of the big learning curve. During the consecutive year I have been playing this game on and off I only was able to do mostly PVE and salvage after big boys.

My character has 17m SP and mostly trained into PVP, salvage damage, and exploration.
I work from home and have lots of free time to play EVE and become good at it.

If this sounds good to anyone here I would love to make a new friend and become an apprentice and a great wingman in our mutual adventures.

You can contact me here or on Discord: michaelkantsler
Thank you for reading and I hope to meet my new mentor soon :sunglasses:

Still available!