New to the game

brand new to eve looking to find a nice place to learn and grow

Msg sent in game look foward yo hear from you

Wanna be in a cool place a kick some ass? Have a look at the Ad. No cost and the best secrets of the game… Both in PVP and PVE…

Hey Wigglesworth

Welcome to EVE, the greatest game ever :slight_smile:

LOG is recruiting, League of Gentlemen and we are looking to bring in one or two newbros to train up and help get started in EVE.
The goal being, you enjoy your time in the corp and stay, but also its another new player in EVE realising what a wonderful game this is.

We have loads of experiance, been around for a very long time. To get the most out of the game early on, we would recommed a few things, ask you to fly certain things, give you a focus.
This is because EVE is massive and easy to get lost in.
Once you have the basics, you’ll learn to brach out on your own.

If your willing to learn and listen, we are willing to teach and provide support.
Join the in-game channel “LOG Pub” if you would like to find out more, or drop me an EVE mail.

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