New player looking to broaden his knowledge

Hey there fellow capsuleers.
Started playing yesterday evening and have to say the game tickles my fancy.
For a game this ‘old’ animations and graphics are amazing.
I played hours and hours of everspace ll and when i asked a friend about a game kinda like it but with more ppl he suggested me Eve.
He did tell me he quitted the game a while ago but when he played it he loved it. He said it’s all about finding a good group to have fun with.
And that explains this post offcourse.
Eventho i just started i like it.
Hence im looking to try and put my stinky toes in those uncharted waters.
Game knowledge is almost non existant tho but im eager to learn and imporve.
What i have done you ask? Did some of those starter missions and boy do they seem fun.
And thats what i’m looking for. A nice group to start some adventures with.
Friend did tell me that best way to learn something about pvp might be to join a lowsec or faction warthingy corp.
Been reading on eveuniversity a bit about all the ships and their roles.
But still i do urge: have patience with me :grin: because as the name states my wife plays better :joy:.
So if any of u guys know a place where i can have some fun whilst learning the ropes olease do tell.
Also maybe tell a bit more about yourself and the corperation you represent.
Long terms goals and things to accomplish.
Eventho im a newb im in for the long run (i hope lol)
Forgot to put this in: il an EU duder
Hope to hear from you guys soon.

We can help teach you.

We’re The Order of Omerta we are a mining, indy Corp who even enjoy pvp, looking for more pilots. We need miners, ratters, pvpers and industrialists to join our tight knit family and help us make the most outta our little Corp.

We are very relaxed and let you play how you want (within reason). We’re set up with access to HS and NS space to fly in. We are in a null alliance but have a HS Corp that is wardec free for all your hisec toons to operate in hisec relatively worry free. Corp structures available for indy needs.

We love to mine and hold regular fleets and have tons of moons, ore and ice belts to mine with max boosts. We have low cost structures to get those indy wheels going along with a vast library of BPs and a buyback to buy your finished goods and ores.

For all you pvpers we got plenty of content for you to join. CTAs to help shape the ever changing political landscape to small gang roams and defense fleets up to full blown coalition fleets for strat objectives. Whatever your killer desire you can likely find it here.

We are a community and want players who will be on coms and in fleets with us enjoying the game. We’re looking for mature players who don’t take the game too serious but are also goal oriented and helpful as we have many returning and newer players and we wish to teach them to play the game in an environment free of constant obligations. Play how you like here.

What we’re looking for:
Active at least a couple times a month.
ESI check.
Voice interview.
Mic for coms (mandatory for null).
Helpful attitude.
Willingness to join in on coms and fleets.
No drama.

So if you think you want to join us message Varina Vengari in game or DM me here.

Yo m8, if u wanna learn the ropes, come as a Cadet in the Polcie force, we’ll get u a PAIR, feed you all the free ships u need and train u till u kick ass like a proper Officer of the law :sunglasses: :policeman:

Have a look bro…

Hey there!

I believe our corp would be a good match for you since we are a newbro friendly corp. We have a real life comes first approach and no mandatory schedules. Plus, we host ppl from America / EU and OCE TZ!
Our main activities include:


  • Local facilities for refining, research and production
  • Build supply chain network
  • Blueprint library (work in progress)


  • Mining boosts
  • Regular mining fleets
  • Moon mining
  • Buy back program for your raw materials (At a very profitable rate not many can offer)

We also go for small gang PvP and PvE activities. In this regard, we are forming a core PvP group for the corp itself.

If you are looking for PvP Fleets however:
Our alliance host PvP fleets every single day and most days more than 2 of them so by joining our corp you will have a granted spot in the various activities the alliance offers pvp wise.

If you are interested you can contact me via Eve Mail (Captain Sargen) / Discord (Sargen#1266) or join our recruitment channel MAOCO RECRUITMENT and we’ll give you more info on the matter.

Hope to hear from you!


For recruitment ask: Captain Sargen (Discord: Sargen#1266)
EveMail / Discord DM / Ingame channel: MAOCO Recruitment

Hello mate! if you interested in pvp i got what you looking!
African Atomic. - Balls-to-the-wall lowsec/nullsec PVP

Hey! African Atomic. is looking for pvpers that are interested in small gang/medium-scale lowsec fleet pvp. (EU TZ)

What we can offer:

-Based in lowsec, easy to get to.

-Your Capital ships will not collect dust!

-Experienced corpmates who have high lust for pvp.

-Big fights, almost always outnumbered.

-3 to 4 Fleets a week

A few requirements:

-A microphone

-Friendly behaviour

-Good pvp understanding

-Subbed Alt

Interested? Join our public chat VERTICAL SUPREMACY. or send our recruiters a mail,or pm manbelly big, Faymm ! p.s. don`t be shy pm and ask :slight_smile:

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