New Player interested in PVP - Hesitations about Faction Warfare

I have heard about Eve Online for years… watched all the trailers, read the stories, and kept up the interesting political shifts within the game. Today I started an Alpha account with the intent of diving straight forward into learning the basics of pvp.

Short of watching pvp’rs stream and watching videos on how to pilot my ship, I have been drawn to Faction Warfare as a source of learning. I’m mostly interested in the fact that while I look for fights and learning experiences, that my efforts can go toward a progressive goal in the war zones (and even earn a little money).

The turnoff here is the standings loss that I feel I will incur that may prohibit future activities from being possible. Is the whole standings issue and the police shooting at me a big enough factor where I should consider another gateway into learning how to pvp?

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The standing loss happens only if you shoot/attack people that are not of the opposing militia. if someone who isnt a member of an opposing militia attacks you first then you are free to shoot back.But they need to do the 1st aggressive act and as you are new, and your experience low that is going to put you at a huge disadvantage.

From what I hear FW is dead anyway, or if you go to null sec (Brave, Pandemic Horde) etc you wont get the standing loss, or whilst ive never been part of it EvE Uni has a good rep for teaching new players the ropes.

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