Rookie PVP training Fleet- Free fitted ships unlimited

The first day you start playing EVE Online is the BEST day you start learning PVP.

Eve-online is a PVP game and this is an invitation for you to taste PVP, taking solo fights with other rookies, have a lot of fun, break prejudices and a great learning experience for free.

if you like the idea follow these instructions … Non-stop grinding and mining is not a destiny … Write your own!

If you would like to join … and if you are younger than 30 days old in eve Please also X up under this forum post with the pilots’ name you would like to attend with.

Event Date / Time : March 01, 2021 12:00-00:00 Eve Time
First week of march these EVENTS also will be on plan of Red vs Blue and some of them PUBLIC ELIGIBLE , Pilots can make it in these hours more than welcome :slight_smile: his is an invitation for you to taste PVP, taking solo fights with other rookies, a lot of fun, and a great learning experience for free.

if you like the idea follow these instructions … Non-stop grinding and mining is not a destiny … Write your own!

If you would like to join … and if you are a new pilot in eve Please also X up under this forum post with the pilots’ name you would like to attend with.


Event Date / Time : March 01, 2021 12:00-00:00 Eve Time
First week of march these EVENTS also will be on plan of Red vs Blue and some of them PUBLIC ELIGIBLE , pilots can make it in these hours more than welcome :

Mon 1st Mar to Fri 5th Mar OPEN PUBLIC
‘PvP Practice in Todaki’
Free ships and bantz till late

Mon 1st Mar @ 20:00
ACADEMY CLASS: ‘EWAR - fitting and flying’’ with Tobore OPEN PUBLIC

Tues 2nd Mar @ 20:00
ACADEMY CLASS: ‘PvP Piloting Strategies’ with Bluelysian OPEN PUBLIC

Wed 3rd Mar @ 20:00
’Secret Vampires’
Low-sec roam with Tiaggo OPEN PUBLIC

Thurs 4th Mar @ 20:00
’Rumble In The Jungle’
Fleet Fights in Todaki with Paou Compli et al RED vs BLUE and ACADEMY CADETS ONLY

Fri 5th Mar @ 20:00 with Bluelysian
RvB EVENT: ‘Thank Bendis’ - Combat probing introduction and competetion with prizes RED vs BLUE and ACADEMY CADETS ONLY

Sat 6th Mar to Mon 8th Mar RED vs BLUE and ACADEMY CADETS ONLY
'RvB ACTUAL fleets in Kakakela
Kitchen Sink CRUISER BRAWL on Sat


What you need to do :

  1. Set destination to Todaki VI - Moon 1 - School of Applied Knowledge. Come with your pod or free corvette.
  2. Join to “Red vs Blue Flight Academy” in game chat channel. Type the letter X into the channel and sent as a message. Or bluelysian right click on this character’s name and choose start conversation to start direct message session with me to ask fleet invite .and You will then get a fleet invite. Accept it. this will also open a fleet special temporary channel. This will allow you to board free ships from very special capital ships called BOWHEAD. Bowheads are like flying stations. They can carry fitted ready-to-fly ships and pilots can board different ships from their hangar. Also, this will allow you to warp to the bowhead. There will be " bowheads outside the Todaki station 200km east and 200 km west side Piloted by Spente le Stelle & Viraha
  3. To do that … warp close to one of those bowhead pilots then right-clicking on Spente le Stele or Viraha’s bowheads. its your your choice one of them is pink :stuck_out_tongue: in the fleet window, and warp to them. Choose “Open Ship Maintenance Bay”, and pick a ship you can fly. There will be fitted PVP frigates for all 4 races suitable to use from the first day of EVE. So do not worry about your skills.
  4. When you board your ship, look for other rookies who have boarded ships from BOWHEADS in the fleet, and invite them to a duel. To do that right-click on the other pilot’s name and choose “Invite to duel” at the bottom. This will give you a special timer between you and the other player. So you can engage each other in high sec without getting killed by Concord. Before you invite anyone or accept any invitation, check how old their character is. You can see that on top if you choose that character, and right-click on it and click show info. We recommend accepting duels from pilots close to your age.
  5. Please do not kill each other’s Capsules. If you have learning implants or such, try to come with a clean clone. If your Capsule is empty there is no issue, but still do not kill Capsules, as people could be sent many jumps away. If you don’t kill pods, you might have a chance to get another fight from the same person, as opposed to them being sent many jumps away at no reward for you.
  6. After kill (You are free to loot your kills, and you can sell for ISK at Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant station). If you couldn’t get the kill, get into another ship from the bowhead, and try again. IF you need assistance there will be vets to guide you… You can also insure ships and make some isk over it when you lose them.
  7. Please join our discord channel RvB Discord and feel free to chit chat, join comms ask questions if you struggle at any point, and share the fun while fighting each other.

This event was brought to you by the Red vs Blue Flight Academy It’s an institution founded by Red Federation & Blue Republic veterans dedicated to building bridges between veteran PVPers and new pilots who would like to learn the ropes of PVP. It is a non-profit community on focus institution and dedicated to increasing piloting qualities in Eve Online.

The event will take place 12:00- 00:00 Eve Time from 15-19 February in Todaki
Veterans will answer questions… introduce modules and fittings as well as hold small classes between fights which include some basic strategies and techniques.

The event takes place in a protected ROOKIE STARTER SYSTEM! Todaki VI - Moon 1 - School of Applied Knowledge
Which is heavily regulated and under surveillance of CCP and we are operating in that system.

*Event only open for the pilots 30 days and younger. This means joining this fleet with high skill points or older characters will not be allowed to take advantage of rookies out of their will. May have heavy results. Orient yourself: Rookie Griefing – EVE Online

Kindly Regards

You can also find my fleet in fleet finder Fleet leader is @bluelysian !

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this is really fun and you will lean so much about pvp and combat in general.

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@CCP_Fleebix @CCP_Dopamine We are not worth to to get tiny bit boost considering to investing our times and days to keep these fleets ups forever and provide thosands of ships in daily basis to rookie pilots ???

what are your criterias?

this is not just one fleet for some hours… we do this daily basis …

Hi Bluelysian, first off I want to say you guys at RvB are, and have been doing an amazing job now and throughout the years. Don’t think that we don’t notice, because we do. You may remember me and a few others just joined RvB Discord a few weeks ago, and we’d love to do an event with you guys in the near future.
Ping me on Discord and let’s see what and how we can organize something together.


to be fair to them, i checked the timestamps of both your OP and theirs, and it turns out you posted over 10minutes later than they did. Coincidences happen in eve so much i don’t put it down to anything deliberate (especially since you post this stuff regularly)

still, i figure a correction may be in order.

(don’t get me wrong, i’ll curbstomp CCP when they eff up, but i think it was a simple oversight and in the heat of the moment you thought they’d posted after you did? shrug)

If you really want to be fair …read this too then … EVENT INVITATION for ROOKIE PILOTS-closed also i cant update the event on main post now because isd silencing me. Ccp doesnt know … also im ■■■■■■ up tired of having hate DM ingame messages telling me im scammer… im invitig them to fleet so i can drop capitals on top of them( high sec ) … im inviting them to kill them…people ■■■■ posting my ads in forum…

Oh i forgot … i do these things like over 2 years now … but you know im not shining star like mike so people has right to torture so much so they want… and because of i have answered ■■■■ post isd punished me but not ■■■■ posters… and he prevented me to pull my post back clean the field … and now i cant update this event with new dates… im tired … still im warmly welcoming new pilots in game and doing my best to help them guide them for better start before they go their own way . And thats makes me happy …

Im filling bowheads and keep 4 bowheads load ready in hangars for back up!

Rookies are soo much brainwashed in rookie help they call pvp ers shitt people bad people … scammers … but they eagerly join fleets like CCP boosted … i did that for years with zero ccp support but cant reach out people … at the end of the day i cant even get enough people emtp one bowhead loads of ships… but constantly get insult and ■■■■ … how long you can hold this in these conditions ? 2 days ? 2 weeks ?. Im doing this for years !

how cute, i forgot why i hate the official forums. thanks for reminding me

I am sorry :frowning:

But it is very difficult to reach out to new players… and they are either very naive and get tricked by scammers fast or incredibly averse and scared.

I have never reported any new pilot who sent me that kind of hate message in-game.
But i have shared them as an example actually how much difficult to bring them high quality and consistent support …

Considering some of their first experiences and constant brainwash in rookie help. Can’t blame them either.

And they wouldn’t know who we are and what we are doing for some time now…

But that issue doesn’t also prevent older pilots DARE to ■■■■ post our public events either when we advert and they prevent us to reach out to new pilots that way. We are non -profit institution so we dont use new pilots to provide profit for corporation. We are providing for the new pilots and teach them PVP and how to become self sufficient in EVE . And every new pilot we pulled is minus one pilot they can use for farm and profit vie buyback programs and other ways …

Trying to prove ourselves to every each new player that we meant NO harm takes too much time… takes time from the amount we can actually "help " them and "guide " them.

This hurts us a lot and saddening. We care about Quality over Quantity absolutely… but by that saying we have also so many Veterans pilots who help and support… We dont have even enough new pilots to keep us busy all the time .

Esp if we are not somehow legitimized by CCP. New players will always see us as people potentially plotting to harm them …
And since CCP knows us for well over a decade as well as some of the good old veterans, and We have a respected place New players doesn’t know us! And we need a bit of help with that @CCP_Fleebix.

In old days RvB had a link at the rookie help channel. Like Eve Uni. But unlike Eve Uni, our primary focus on PVP. Last year, finally old traditionalists took over RVB and set RVB back on track now… I think it’s time for us to claim our legacy and carry it to the future with an even better version.

We need some ease on this road …
Will take a lot of needless pressure and help us to channelize this wasted energy to bring higher quality and better service.
@CCP_Convict @CCP_Fleebix @CCP_Dopamine

Please refrain from alluding to “Curbstomping” whether it be CCP or anyone else.

We’d love to do something with you guys, and as we saw with our Spectre fleet collab there are a lot of newbies out there who want to get their taste for some PvP but are on the fence on how to get started.
I’ll ping you on Discord bluelysian.

I think part of the problem you are having in getting newbs, is not particularly your fault, but there’s been quite a few alliances or corps that have spam mailed and advertised like hell to get newbs in, only to exploit or take advantage of new players…

im a newbie for almost a month and what I hear here is correct im very suspect of all in this game as i see so many newbies being used…and im still unsure of everything in this game though i been here for a month … so it shar dto trust any one and seems better to go alone

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I’m really sorry. it’s sad to read but also true …

What would help you to trust easier? Because I have already asked CCP to add us to the Rookie help channel MOTD. Like Eve Uni… I’m really thinking , what else we can do …

But I’m really stuck at this moment.

as @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras stated yes many corps make mass invitation emails intensively …

But these mass emails also irritating. And our veteran pilots definitely won’t like RVB mass mailing … this is not something suitable to our principles and attitude

I do not let any of our veterans engage advertising.

They are very passionate .ver good souls . not only training helping new pilots… but also they finance everything from their pocket.

whenever i launch these events… New pilots I’m trying to help… they are messaging me and telling me that im trying to scam them … I’m doing this for easy kills … farm them to hurt them … some of these messages pretty harsh and blaming. But I have never ticket any of them.

I cant put these veterans and let them experience all this negativity. I’m face to face with this negativity for a long time now. Im feeling exhausted and sad… weary…

sometimes there are 4-5 new pilots… get in the fleet enjoy fights asking questions… then I feel happy and want to be with them… but also at the same time other side I have to chase posts … answer and tank negative responses and blames defend and effort to proof and convince them …

We do give free ships… work on logistics time and effort to answer questions. Lots of work on background fitting and making ships ready. and pilots who join these fleets if they insure then can get 2x amount back of the ship insurance when they lose ship… and they can loot it… this is the amount of isk a very new rookie work a day long and cant make it. Actually, rookies can make isk by joining this fleet …

and bear in mind this is a Public fleet.

Meanwhile, we have an ACADEMY we lead and manage … Where we running classes with our academy cadets… People who eager to learn PVP and we accept them from the first day. Train and finance their learning process…

if you think anything might help please reach out to me and share.

Have you thought about trying to work alongside EVE Uni?

EVE Uni and RVB have a long good history together.

I m busy atm with this event but I will teach PVP fittings mechanics and strategies in Eve Uni and we also deal with our traditional Mutual War in the coming months. :slight_smile:

We have made many mutual wars with EvE Uni in the past. I show only 2 medals at my bio means a lot to me… one of them EVe uni War Winter Warrior medal. Always bring a lot of funs and good memories to remember forever :hearts:

I can say it’s a great experience and content for us… but doesn’t help us so much about reaching out to new pilots and set the words out unfrotunately :frowning:

At the moment I’m sacrificing one of my characters in the rookie help channel and the English help channel… Linking this forum advert there … and you know the rules … i will get told off and banned :frowning: … but maybe a couple of pilots join can benefit and have some funs through the week

i really want to be part of some thing on Eve and what you say bluelysian really touches me with hope …just my pilot now isn’t a newbie but yet is …let me explain …i joined in 2018 and i feel I was seriously scammed lost few ships too so i left Eve i re-joined again in 2019 i think it was and it happened again i thought i befriended someone and found the trust i placed in them was not there…missing isk…so very confused and messed up about how to get on in Eve i left i joined again in 2021 after hearing about the war fought hear i found intrest again but i now find it hard to trust any one here thinking they might be cheating me …just so …what does one do but try go it alone

i really would love to find friends and corp to belong too … its hard for me…this is why though im 3 years old im actually only few months at most in my knowledge and progression…deep down i really want to belong to a good close corp and help others too … and be part of a team here

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While the corp i’m with is more of a service than an actual corp, most of us have our own things that we do… If we meet in caldari Hi sec space, id love to fly with you and help with the pve aspect, and bluelysian can help with the pvp aspect with his corp…

ty Geo that sounds awsome …smiles

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There will be fittings and tactics class in discord tonight 20:00 eve time.All welcome .