Rookie PVP training Fleet- Free fitted ships unlimited

:confused: That is indeed a highly unfortunate situation. Frankly it is a bit surprising that you are letting your event be stopped.
Certainly I don’t wish to make you angry with me (which might be pretty much inevitable but *shrug ok) but one does wonder: Why not use neutral alts or even Red Frog to move stuff from jita to another place also in hisec?
Probably somebody hired that mercenary group to wardec and if so that is literally their profession and so not really unprofessional of them.
If it will help you folks out, I will get a freighter and help you haul stuff to your staging station.

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I feel it was important to elaborate since you used our name there. This is my wardec.

None of that happened.

I asked that Corp for 3.5 bill ransom as long as the market hub is also removed. Good deal vs loosing 12bill.

Instead they responded with some alarming and pretty serious accusations that is being handled by the GM’s now. Did not believe a corp that scummy would have anything to do with RVB.

Back on topic.

Keeping doing good and have fun.

I dont want to seem like you offer hand and im asking for your arm… but if you have toon can produce stuff im down to provide everything you need and pay %10 over jita price and compansate your hurt due to produce in npc station in todaki rookie starter system. If your production lines already not occupied by some more profitable stuff and adamant. Mooving stuff will not work… my providence bulkhead cant cary more than 140 -150 frigs no fits… that cant fill even 2 bowheads… and i cant find hulls i need that much amount always in jita may be i do can buy 200 -300 then price goes over millions for simple frigate hull. We have 5000 rifters in poinen i cant even moove myself to transfer those stuff 6 jumps What like total 400 jumps to carry nooope no thanks

Also im looking for Russian and english speaker PVP vet who would like to attend these events… im having hard time to communicate with russian pilots we dont have any active russian vet in rvb… and sometimes we see russian pilots from other aliances or npc corps. And my google translate russian is gross ! And only thing i learn play Tarkov is how to swears, Da nyet priviet.
Im notlooking for recruit… if any russian corp or aliance sent me a descent man with good attitude to be present in the fleet chat and even in comms sometimes… will be much appreciated.

I may know the perfect person, I will get back to you on this as soon as I can get online and contact her.

Also what you are doing is flat out amazing to me.

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Thank you so much . And tell him please every little help much appreciated im not intended to expect some heavy work just get in channel be there or i can contact him to help out … wont be heavy on him

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Event is up \o/ all welcome