An experience in PvP for newer players

Removed some off topic discussion. -ISD Dorrim Barstorlode

Please remoove this post … i would like to remoove other one … but i cant bluelysian has punished… so you guys can keep enjoying yourselves and carry your trolls
… if you would like to banter come and banter with me in game …i love banters and have soft spot for trolls when im on mood … if you want pvp we can arrange some fights for funz and lols… . but not here … keep it clean … and no im not angry at you after all these and no i dont hate you . But this is not good

Oh brother…I was trying to be nice(ish) by pointing newer players to something RvB was doing for them…but fine. My post was Ezwaled anyway.

“go suck eggs” isn’t really so bad…

Issue is im not a brother or a man … im a women and kinda people know mostly… so your words gains some different meaning there… please remove that post … i see your good intention too… i really dont mean hurt … just please…

Amazing… only three replies and already a total train wreck. :joy:


Closed at OP’s polite request.