Amarr Foundation Day

Is there really no event for Amarr Foundation Celebration?

-Minmatar: had the Tribal Liberation Games same as last year, it was good
-Gallente: had the Gran Prix but no combat/data sites
-Caldari: Union Day looks like its going to be big as this will be “The Caldari Year”
-Amarr: NOTHING, you cant even buy the Amarrian skins in NES, no Lavacore, Crown & Sword or Imperial Jublee.

Hi and welcome, I did notice that we are getting a bonus 2.0AU Warp speed in Amarr controled Highsec Systems. Great time to move freight.

How did you notice? Nothing of the sort is indicated anywhere… Am I missing something?

As someone who is a ship skin fanatic, I was hoping to get my hands on the Jublee skins :frowning:

it was in the patch notes

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Oh you didn’t know? Frostpacker is Highsec savvy.

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Cool. You can read those boring patch notes and pass the word on. Outstanding!

Same place its indicated for every other event, above your cap disc.



I don’t always sit in station and spin like other multiboxers

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Did you know that if you spin your ship 1337 times you win a prize?

What about limited time Mining Blitz sites? That’s event content.

At the end of the day the Amar are filthy slavers and don’t deserve to have ships that are as pretty as the amar ships. Let alone fancy skins for those ships.

Yes we do.

Minmatar Ungrateful For Uplift Day has already been.

I dont actually ever do any of the event activities (the one time i tried it was a complete waste) but doing nothing at all seems kinda lame. They do have the extra daily log in rewards, so if you hit that every day for a week you will get an incredible 15k extra skill points.

I haven’t checked the store yet, so perhaps there is are some special Amarr day packs to purchase. Off to shop.

They should give you that Warp Speed Bonus all the way to Jita for moving it so far away.

Its the same distance its always been.

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