So the event in lowsec is pretty bad


Done maybe 3 of these now and corp mates have done another 4-5 and the difficulty necessitates a ship in excess of 250 mill (I think). The rewards however are pretty junk. Maybe 20-30 mill in the final rat. Not worth it.

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what sort of loot drops?

What was the hull class with which you tried the event sites? And yes, please share what was in the loot: accelerators, SKINs, PBCs, else? Thx!

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Also give details on the sites, as in average completion time, amount of NPC’s, type of Ewar, collidable objects, lag, etc?


You only going to do them once?

Bit of a waste of the tax you spent on a 250m (?) Ship.

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Haven’t been in there yet, but just like exploration, RNG can sometimes drastically affect loot drops for events. Plus, 20-30 mil isn’t bad depending on how many loot drops you can secure in an hour (i.e. site rarity, how spread out event sites are [all over space or just within storms], time it takes to complete a site, chance of being contested, ability to contest). Like, if you can fit in 5-7 sites an hour, that money ain’t bad -especially if there’s the possibility of bigger drops. On the other hand, if you spend more time flying around than running sites, and can only get in 2 or 3 sites an hour, then yeah, that would suck.

By the way, does your price estimate account for items that might not yet have any estimated value (i.e. event accelerators)?

Also, thanks for the details. Super cool of you. Unless, of course, you’re just trying to trick people into not running the event in order to increase your own profitability, then bravo.

Oh, and the best drops are probably in WH space for this event.

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