Union Day combat sites

I looked for any posts that I could give feedback on, but I did not see any.

The events are usually fun and interesting, but the combat portion gets very frustrating. When the system is set up for you to clear four rooms, and then have a “boss” spawn, with no other loot or points on any of the rest of the site, it invites poachers. They look for and wait for sites to be cleared, and then come in and take the kill, the event points, and the loot from the “boss”.

I get that its an “open world”. And when its the Gurista Hunt sites in low sec, you can have plenty of ways to work out this issue. But in high sec, there is no work around.

Very frustrating mechanic.

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Sums it up quite well

I got to this event this weekend, it was quite nice actually. I run the combat sites in Hisec in Hawk, pretty easy - found good place with lots of sites and no competition, I made like 300+mill in about 2hours, pretty good.

Loot from data sites is quite nice (for Higsec of course), owerall I had fun, diffculity was not high too. Altouh T1 destroyers are not up to the task solo…

Corax is perfectly up to the task with T2 rockets and full passive shield. The problem is what TS stated - poachers.

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