Liberation Day Combat sites Explained


Here is my first look at the sites.

They are quite good in terms of rewards, guaranteed 20 mil per site, potentially more. Best to do exposive dmg and tank em. Max cruiser size, only navy or t1 (no pirate). Only t2 ships allowed are frigs, you cant use t2 dessies or t2 cruisers.


All i learnt is to stop shooting when other player enters my site and dont shoot anymore till the prophecy shows up. I always lose the wreck cause i have bad skills. I only win when im alone lol.

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The event is fun, challenging, and a good learning opportunity (have learnt a fair deal of new everything in a short time), but spontaneous co-operation in running the sites doesn’t seem to work, indeed.

New pilots must use the Fleet Issue Cruisers for solo content. These sites are brutal for a trivial hi-sec content. The incoming damage is like in T2.5-T3 Cruiser Abyss, while EWAR is like in T4 Abyss. The best variants are Minmatar and Caldari ships. I’ll suggest new pilots to fit a Navy Stabber, as the best option for tanking and damage application. If your Cruiser and Gunnery skills are high enough, the Navy Scythe is the best.

I haven’t been very active lately and there’s a lot of changes in game. Good to see they found a way to make Navy ships more useful.

Also, experienced players in hi-sec combat PVE have a mutual deal: “The site belongs to a pilot who found it first”. Any competition and PVP there are pointless. Sometimes it turns into bigger waste of time when they chasing each other around the constellation. From a long time period perspective, to search for a new site can be more rewarding. The competition will not improve the loot quality, you know.

I fully scoop the loot and go suspect if I didn’t get the final blow. If anyone was running a Warp Disruptor, I’d be dead many times over.


Yes using a navy stabber. Thanks to expert systems cause it demands lot of skills. Combat is not for new players. Those site codes are gone lol, now its “steal all you can”.

Due to my calculations, it requires min 4 500 000 SP to fit a legit Navy Stabber for this event. Not cheap, not expensive. With a cheap T1 fit, the exploration and fleet mining is a good content option. You can get almost all rewards.

I don’t think your fit would have survived doing the site solo.

Also since there are 2 boss NPC’s in the site, you could have easily just let the other player have the loot from the 2nd boss, especially since he helped you take down all the NPC’s. Possibly could have fleeted up with him to run more sites.

Anyway, thanks for posting…

Seen this a lot. A pilot with a fit that wouldn’t survive solo because they have a dps fit. They warp in to a part finished site and out dps’ you to take the loot. Sucks for the pilot that puts the time in because they come out with nothing at all.

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Would probably make sense if the wreck automatically split into cans proportionally to contributed damage. Shouldn’t be too hard to program.

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