PSA: XIX Anniversary smuggler combat site NOT FOR Alphas / Newbros

The website didn’t really give this warning so I will put it here. The combat sites for the event are VERY difficult. Not impossible, but really hard compared to previous events.

If you are new, low skilled, or even alpha I’d be CAUTIOUS about engaging in the smuggler combat sites. Enemies use neuts, scrams, tackles, EWAR, all that jazz, and put out some nice DPS. It is not for the faint of heart! You’ll need a very good passive or neut resistant ship with some serious damage ability. Best to go in a fleet if you can find one

TL:DR- They make it sound like the Smuggler combat site content is “for all” but IMHO no, it’s beyond rookies, low sp pilots.

Be Safe!

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Events have never been Alpha friendly or those with low SP/skills…

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Tak is wrong. New players can make really good money in the sites with alpha fits. He is just scamming and wants it all for himself.

to be clear I mean the COMBAT sites not the exploration sites, which are perfectly safe :(if not hard to find) for new players.

the combat sites are easy, just fit a couple purple mods and its simple


They are not easy. T2 fitted passive Drake can just barely do them (depending on the spawn), but it can do them. Just watch out for Ikitursas, since their damage increases over time.

The last battleship can be a bit tricky, especially if you had neuting Ikitursa/Draugur spawns previously. You’ll easily get out of cap and even on Drake that active resist module means a lot, since the DPS is pretty high.

If your primary weapon are drones - tough luck. All spawns will just eat them in seconds. Drones can be useful if you want to warp out when the battleship comes. The battleship will scram and neut you but it can switch to drones allowing you to get out.

There is a potential for a perfect kill spawn, but I haven’t had it yet - a Scorpion battleship with scram, neut and ECM + a standrad set of Draugurs, Hyenas and Raptors. If the battleship manages to get a couple of lucky ECM cycles, you can’t kill scram Raptors (until you kill the battleship), Draugurs will help eating your cap and Hyenas will deal with drones easily. This, however, usually does not happen - the spawn like this can happen, but the battleship haven’t had any ECM luck in my runs.

patch notes for today 5/4/2022 says they toned the sites down a bit, we’ll see.

Many times the event combat sites are killers.

I rarely do them because of that. :frowning_face:

So far I’ve run about 10 of these sites.

I use 2 cap-stable Tengus, both turning out 723 DPS with maximum skills. I did try running one of the sites with only 1 Tengu & completed the site but that took too long for my liking.

With 2 shield reppers (1 small & 1 medium) running at all times, I simply shoot everything although I do concentrate on anything draining cap & of course any Ikitursas. Shield rarely drops below 75% & then only for a second or two. I do not use drones.

Loot & bounties averages out at about 25M per site, with nothing special dropping so far.

Personally I would not recommend these sites to low-skilled solo pilots

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