I got Alpha-ed in a Tengu, in a Guri Malakim Combat Site

I have been running quite a few SoCT and Guri Malakim combat sites, in my tengu, this one site, i warp into, theres no npc in the first room, just an active gate, i take the gate, i directly get the godfather spawn, who then just continues to one-shot me., which is super wierd, considering i was completelty fine in all the previous event combat sites(and i was running all of them in null sec, point being, this was not my first event combat site in null). this one was completely off since the moment i warped in.
Anyone have any idea?

New citizens need some time to skill for a Tengu. I think right now some brand new Gnosises are lost in these sites…
Perhaps you find more information here: Events - EVE Online Forums

If you mean transversalling. i had an eye on it.
and have been running quite a few of these sites, still in the tengu, all good, till today, when i actually wasnt paying attention to transversal. Been manual flying in the boss wave ever since. had zero problems.
that one site was cursed. XD