First week into null sec exploration

newbie here first week in game was doing L1 mission then got bored of it, caldari navy mission not worth it, created a new alt bought bunch of heron + probe and explored null sec

went to fade > C3,C4,C5,C6 wh (cant find C4 wh from map, weird) > delve > syndicate > etherium reach

so heres my experience :

  • many ppl in nullsec like to camp at the gate, once you arrived at the gate then they pop a orange bubble thingy then dead
  • saw “mobile warp disruptor” linked to the gate (i was like wtf?)
  • went to delve and start chatting with the locals as i was sitting in my safespot, after 30sec a guy came and killed me off, cant seem to find any combat probe in my dscan
  • members from Goonswarm Federation very aggressive, they like to kill anyone in the game inc me xD

This was bad luck, don’t give up. :slight_smile:

Only <=C3 holes contain pirate sites for hacking. Syndicate doesn’t have the best sites, ER is dronelands and has only special data sites for drone parts and more or less worthless now BPCs. Delve is, you know, home of Imperium, with too many bored Goons. :wink: Good scanners can pin you down in seconds, and retract probes before you spot them.

Choke points on region boundaries tend to be camped by the locals, and nullsec camps mean mobile warp disruptor “bubbles” (as we call them), where non-nullified ships can’t warp.

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in the nullsec traveling with my newb heron ship, once i arrived to another gate they then pop bubble and im trapped, i zoomed too far out as i cant see if my ship is inside the bubble or outside of it so i can warp away from the trap gate

so you explain that, as a very new player, who has still so many things to discover, you entered an enemy area, and got caught ?
I mean, it is like if you had started to practice basket ball, and after a few weeks, decided to try to play on the ground with NBA players. For sure they would beat you, and they would show you some tricks about which you had no idea
Eve is not a fair game. it is a game in a pvp environment. It is hard. You died? learn from your mistakes: read guides about null sec, see what is a mobile warp disruptor, read about mwd cloak tricks etc. Improve your skills, fly a covert ops, fly a nullified t3c, …

I am still available in game to discuss about explo.


Yo! I’m a life time explorer, that’s pretty much all I have done in eve to earn iskies.

Running null sec exploration sites will never feed u enough and mostly u will find get u killed with all the hard work in ur ship cargo.

Start running (pirate sites) in c1, c2, c3 wormholes.
Aim for cloak as soon as possible.
Dont miss d_scan!

You can use Thera to avoid this campers.

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What is Thera? Explain please pal

Thera is the biggest wormhole system known to capsuleers. It is the only wh system to be named and to have an NPC station within it. In my experience, it is also heavily camped. So much so, I would not recommend going thru it unless you are deliberately looking for trouble.

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often you will meet sabre/broadsword inside thera, bring a bs in to rape em all =D

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