Wormhole camp defense?

Hi all, I recently joined Brave, and about 15 jumps later I reached the final gate en route to my destination.
I went through and about 10 people were camping the exit in a warp bubble, so as soon as I tried to run off with my afterburner I got webbed, scrambled and instakilled, losing my cruiser (Insured, at least).

Is there any way to protect against that? that was a pretty bad first experience of nullsec.


Welcome, I recently joined Brave as well and had a similar issue. In my case I got a few jumps into nullsec but still ran into a bubble guarded by some people who were nice enough to teach me all about collecting insurance on my ships. Get on Brave’s mumble comms and find the DOJO channel. This channel is specifically for newbies and usually has a DOJO member (Brave’s term for a long time player who helps guide newbies) that should be able to help you.

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Welcome to New Eden,

I’m afraid that there is not much you can do about such a gate camp, while there are some ships that are immune to Interdiction Spheres and bubbles. No ship are immune to direct warp scramble/disruption. The best thing you can do as a newbie, and you want to join your corp/alliance mates in nullsec, is to get your ships to a “staging” system (where your alliance is Jumping ships and items out to their area of null) and then you can set your “Home” remotely to a station then all you have to do is undock and Suicide your capsule (Self-destruct) and now you wake up in your new home. Setting your home Remotely this way can however only be done once a year.

The other thing you are more like to succeed with is a fast aligning frigate (better yet an Interceptor) and travel to your home just as the server is coming back online from maintenance. Transversing through nullsec will always be with some risk involved, but the time you choose to do it can in most cases significantly increase you chances of getting to your destination alive and in one piece.

Im confused your title sais wormhole camp defense but all your text suggests null sec and gates, so for now ill assume null-sec and gates.

There is a few things you can do, usually in null sec you will want a mwd so that when you land on bubble you can burn through to gate and jump as quick as possible hopefully your enemies agress and they cant jump after you. If some jump after you a nice strategy is to align to where you want to warp and hit mwd and then lock the incoming tackle ships and try and pop them before the rest of the fleet catches up to them, as soon as they die you will be able to warp off.

You can ping,pounce lots of names for it where you warp to a nearby celestial and aim at the gate with a 15 degree and D-scan to see if its camped, although a lot of the time enemies choose systems with 1 gate that is >15 au from anything else.

You can overcome this by using an interceptor first and burning 300km off of every gate on your route from high to (null-sec) home and making a personal bookmark (ping,pounce) allowing you to warp to those first to see if the gate is camped.

An alternate strategy is to travel to your nullsec home and scan for wormholes and look for a high sec connection and bring all your stuff through that wormhole, but make sure it has as little chained worm holes as possible as each one will increase the chances of you getting caught.

  1. Use Dotlan map to plan the safe root.
  2. Ignore the long travel option and jump clone to their home station in null. Buy ships there.
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Can also search the system name in Zkill

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