Noob explorer struggling with gate camps in Null

(Turtle Apol) #1

So I thought I was being smart, using this site: to check for gate camps while returning from a long exploration trip out in null.

I plotted my route trying to avoid obvious pipes and checked eve-gatecheck for camps, all clear it tells me. Great I think, all clear and almost home. So I’m going along, refreshing eve-gatecheck every time I jump and feeling very smug as it shows my route is safe. BOOM I jump once more and my heart sinks. They were well set up and clearly knew what they were doing. I was fairly close to the edge of the bubble, tried to dash for it but my pod was space debris barely a second after I de-cloacked.

Ok so maybe I could have been the first pray into this trap, but I refresh check eve-gatecheck again after my death and it is still show no kills in that system. Ok maybe the site hasn’t updates. I check after, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, half an hoir. Still eve-gatecheck shows 0 kills in the last hour.

So what happened? Is eve-gatecheck untrustworthy? Did the campers do something clever to stop the kills showing? Did I just get unlucky or make a mistake? What more can I do to get home safe?

(Donkyhotay) #2

I’m not certain what the delay is but it’s not real-time. Things like this are why you want an alt to fly ahead of your loot-filled ship.

(Duo Roman) #3

Eve map (F10 shortcut) has this information in real time, use it.
Set “Color by > Geography and statistics > Ships destroyed in the last your”.

(Wolfgang Jannesen) #4

You might have better luck getting into null through a wormhole you scan down in highsec

(MacGregor Orlenard) #5

Or call friend and tell him to scout up on front.

(DrButterfly PHD) #6

This is great advice, especially if you are deep in null.

(Turtle Apol) #7

Thanks for the advice.

So I haven’t used wormholes yet at all. If I’m in high / low sec and I want to head to a particular region of null. Is it just a matter of scanning down holes and jumping in untill I find something close to where I want? I have seen mention of tools like trip-wire on the forums, will they be able to help me find a wormhole to where I want to go? Or are they more for mapping holes as you explore?

Similarly if I’m in null is there a better way to find a hole back to high other than just trial and error?

Also is it common to find camps on the other side of wormholes in high sec?

(DrButterfly PHD) #8

You won’t be able to hole to a particular region of null, its a lot more random than that, but you can nornally get to null or hi sec in general fairly easily. Wormhole “gate camps” are very rare and because the mechanics of wormholes (if you understand the mechanics) much easier to get out of.

The approach to use is find a hole, jump in and scan all the sigs while cloaked at a safe. Then warp cloaked to each wormhole in turn and if its not “reaching the end of its natural lifetime”, pop in and see where it goes. In fact if you are making a one way trip you can even use end of life holes.

Use show info on the holes to see what type of space they got to. Deadly Unknown means class 6 wormhole space, Dangerous Unknown means class 4-5 wormhole space and Unknown means class 1-3. Routes to high sec are more common Unknown and routes to null are more common Dangerous (you rarely, if ever, get routes direct to Dangerous from known space).

You should also use to look up j numbers of wormhole systems and see the static exits it will have. Also note that low sec holes are more common that high and may be a faster route home.

(DrButterfly PHD) #9

Also: make sure you’re using dscan to check for gatecamps

(DrButterfly PHD) #10

Tripwire is for sharing route through wormhole space with your friends. If you have friends, i recommend using Pathfinder instead. If not, no tool necessary!

(Turtle Apol) #11

Thanks for the advise. This is very useful. I will start using wormholes on my next trip.

(BalticBeast14) #12

To your question: you will have a very hard time to find camped WH once you jump from High-sec … and if so, just jump back.
All great advises here.

(Mezzo Ghanem) #13

^ This for sure. I routinely use to go jump to jump jita to null to jita, and then I realized…why don’t I just leave to a random null (its where I want to be anyways) through a safe WH just a couple jumps from where I’m selling. Bonus - Save the location of the exit system (in null) and maybe you have a quick trip back to the market as well (depending on life of WH and your trip)

(iguy Poljus) #14

my advice, and advice i have seen from others. train into a interceptor, and fit it to have sub 2.0sec align to warp time. typically three low friction rigs and maybe a stab in the low is typically enough. or two stabs on the low and two low friction rigs and a relic or scanning rig. and then put a clock on and a core probe and relic/data analyzers. that will make you 99% immune to gate camps and bubbles. message me if you need a fit or more info

(BalticBeast14) #15

One thing to gate camps. Note that if you warp off or not is checked/decided on server tick - if you meet requirements to warp then you go, if not, ie pointed/scrammed, in bubble, or not alligned, you don’t go anywhere. In contrary, the lock info goes to server immediately. Your warp off is checked on each 1sec server tick. Hence it is important to have align less than whole seconds, ie have 1.9 don’t have 2.1 there is whole server tick between this. Screw it if you have 1.6 or 1.8, not such a biggie. Dedicated instalocker will anyway lock you between 2 server ticks in less than 1 sec even if you are in frig with sig radius around 30.
Cheers mate,

(BalticBeast14) #16

I’m in writing mood in this evening… might off topic, so excuse me… Baltic Sea is rough and so I stay with Eve… If you were in T1 frig and got nailed in gate camp then ok, problem is that it was on ingress with loot probably, use wormholes as transition. Embrace it as experience. What would exploration be without the dangers?? Boring… you will earn billions in Astero, you can laugh at it.
I must highly recommend basic explo T1 frigs anyway. They are fun to fly and to be hunted in them… Learn the tradecraft in them, then switch to astero. Astero is life. T2 explo are niche, they are super effective, but I hate that you will not get them under 2 with alignment… trade-offs… But they are definition of speedhacking… the less time you spend in site or in system, the better., I use all 3 and have fun in them. Well most fun I had in Probe, no cloak, go in Jspace and hack. You would be surprised how hard it is to kill rusty winmarar probe, well other T1 would do just fine also…
Cheers mate,

(Andrew Indy) #17

You forgot “Deadly” which is C6.

Best but look for C1, C2 and C4. C3 is an option as well.

C1s mostly go to HS with a few to LS and NS (hope you have a K162 to null and not the static)
C2 largely go to HS but also have a second WH which makes them useful.
C4 have 2 WH connections so they give you lots of options

C3s mostly go to LS with a few to NS and HS, If you get one with a K162 NS there is a chance you will get a LS or HS.

C5 and C6 only have 1 connection and often go to other high class WHs so they are the worst for travelers.

(DrButterfly PHD) #18

Edited. Thanks for the clarifications!

(Haplo Shannow) #19

With the current broken Hictors, camp gates which include one are death traps.

Cloak+mjd or burning back to the gate should work pretty well to get around dictors camp though.

(Garresh) #20

Yeah vs Hictors gatecamps are a nightmare. You just got unlucky. It happens. Wormhole routes are the safest option currently.

For me personally, I like flying a Cheetah over an Astero for null runs. Astero has an insanely low align time, which is good for lowsec operations, and ganking in general. Cheetah is a LOT faster than an Astero and other covops though. You won’t be outrunning a Hictor, but you can burn out of other bubbles and potentially use that speed during cloak to dodge the incoming pain train fast enough to juke. Just a personal preference for me.

I have jumped into smaller camps before and escaped successfully, sometimes even after failing to cloak and getting instalocked. Cheetah is one slippery ship.