Null Sec Exploration

I just spent several hours Exploring the Great Wildlands. It was my first long excursion through null sec. I had visited null sec before but mostly through wormhole access. This time I decided to “brave” the gatecamps and cannibal capsuleers for a grand walkabout. It was something of a let down. Not only were most systems empty of players. Players that were there didn’t even seem to care that I was there. The systems didn’t have many signatures to scan down.

I considered wandering into player controlled null sec. Maybe do some Exploration there. Is that just suicide in an Executioner, or Magnate?

Exploration is my main income next to plex I bought.

Null-Sec exploration is nearly pointless!
All you find is 1 or 2 relic sites for every 25 jumps you do.
You better off with class 1-3 wormholes! You will find heaps of sites to hack.
Add scanner probes to your overview and make d-scan follow it. Use d-scan even when you are hacking, and you will be relatively safe.

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yes it’s suicidal but those ships are so cheap do it anyway it’s not going to hurt you that much you’ll make a lot more I recommend joining a group out there like Brave

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