Hi-sec Gnosis combat sites

(MacGregor Orlenard) #1

I want to know if making combat sites can give me more profit than level 3 missions that i now run without problem as alpha. Or gnosis cant access most of sites in hi-sec since its battlecrusier

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #2

Not done it for a while but I used to scan down the DED combat sites as I travelled to missions to make use of the travel time, sometimes you get a good payout so makes it worth the time.

Not sure which ones you can take a gnosis into but lvl III missions should be doable in a cruiser anyway I’d have thought?

Anyway, I switched out entirely to DED site hunting after a while so that might give you an idea of profitabilty. Just remember that DED’s are competitive though, anyone can scan them down nd go after the loot bearing boss rat so you need to be quick.

(Duo Roman) #3

Doing DED sites (the ones you probe out, 2/10, 3/10 and 4/10) can give you expensive rare modules (10m ISK up to ~300m ISK) in high sec.

Another option is to do combat anomalies (those green in the probe window). These sites have a low chance of granting you a new site (escalation or expedition) and then these new sites can drop rare modules.

With a Gnosis though, you would be restricted to 4/10 combat sites. You can do them on a gnosis provided you fit the right resists and right damage type, according to the pirate faction you will be facing.

If you want to be able to do the 3/10 sites as alpha I’d recommend a navy cruiser, they can do the 4/10 too with good piloting skills and proper research of the site you are about to do.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #4

Thanks. This all I want to know. I will stay with missions and when skills will be ready gonna give try to navy cruiser.