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The Muninn. interesting look it’s got. I don’t know why the hell I bought it or even why I thought it was a “good idea” I’ve been seeing some interesting videos on youtube about hi sec and lo sec scan down sites and the many weird and wonderful ships people run them in. like a rook for low sec scannable combat sites. anyway, I got to thinking after finding a couple of hi sec combat sites and being told by the game that my Muninn can’t access these sites I’m curious. can the Muninn access any scan down hi sec site?

(DeMichael Crimson) #2

Muninn is a T2 Cruiser, it should be able to access 3/10 and higher level sites. What sites were you trying to access with it?

(Gerald Mardiska) #3

about the same time you posted your answer i found and ran a 3/10 in the muninn. however im curious. how common are 3/10 and highers in hi sec. and to answer your question. any scan down site that will allow a muninn in. i have thought of dropping to the rupture.

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Well, High Sec systems will spawn the following combat signature sites:

DED 1/10
DED 2/10
DED 3/10
DED 4/10

The Muninn should be able to access all DED 3/10 and DED 4/10 sites. Some Lookout sites may restrict access but the Muninn can definitely access Watch and Vigil sites. As for it being able to complete the DED 4/10 and Vigil sites, that would depend on your skill level, fitting and piloting tactics.

It may not seem like it due to a lot of competition but those sites are all pretty common in high sec systems. The way to beat the competition and find sites to run is look for systems that don’t have a lot of people visiting them, check Star Map system stats for low amount of population, low amount of jumps, low amount of NPC kills, etc.

Good luck and may you have much success.

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thank you.

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The Munnin can run a very wide range of sites, all the way from 3/10 up to 6/10 (most likely 7+ as well but DPS starts to become too low), Its very good against Sansha and Blood raider but poor against the other Pirate factions (3-4/10 are easy enough that even off race ones are not an issue) .

The issue that you will have with the Munnin and HS is that it does not have any scanning bonuses, the lower it takes to find site the less isk you make. Site in HS are so fast to complete that you spend 90% of your time scanning.

(DeMichael Crimson) #7

A ship doesn’t need to have scan bonus to be able to scan sites quickly. With high level scanning skills, a Sisters Probe Launcher (+10 % scan strength), Sisters Core Scanner Probes (+4% scan strength) and a (Slot #8) Poteque ‘Prospector’ Astrometric Rangefinding AR-806 Hardwiring Implant installed (+6% scan strength) should be just fine.

(Andrew Indy) #8

Yeah but something like a Strat can also run HS sites with ease and it gets a bonus to scanning as well.

I did not say its not doable (i used to scan HS in a Harbringer) just not optimal.

(Gerald Mardiska) #9

its true. the muninn is so sub par but its decent against sansha.

(Nikea Tiber) #10

Wtf are you smoking? Minnie assault resists don’t include explosive or kinetic. It hasn’t got enough mids to shield tank, and as I mentioned, armor resists are piss poor vs angels.

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oops. sorry i could have sworn i typed SANSHA. and i think this is crack? jk its just a typo.

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