Is there a problem with the Gala combat sites?


The reason I am posing this question is that I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday evening searching for Gala combat sites in many systems around Jita and I could not find a single one. I searched more than 10 systems around the Jita area and not a single site popped up.

I tried doing the same Monday evening. I spent nearly an hour again searching the systems surrounding Jita and this time I came across only one Gala combat site which was already occupied by two other players. Needless to say, I hardly got any loot from that site.

Should not these Gala sites re-spawn in numbers at regular intervals, so that a decent number of players are able to take part in this event???

Is it fair to make a person spend nearly an hour of their time just fruitlessly searching for these sites in vain???

I took part in the Winter Nexus event last December and did not encounter such a problem in locating the combat sites. Why then is it a problem with this event???

Has anyone else encountered such difficulty in locating these Gala combat sites in hi sec?

I would surely appreciate some clarification from CCP in this regard. In the meantime, I have given up on this event as I do not see the point in my wasting precious time searching fruitlessly for these “elusive” combat sites.

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I think part of the problem is that you’re in some of the most highly travelled space in the game which generates a lot of competition for sites. Find a quieter section of space and you can have several sites to yourself in one system.

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There’s your problem. Move away from caldari space for this stuff, Gallente works really well for me for those sites.

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Something must be going on tho, I searched before and after downtime in wormholes for data vip sites, the same anount of time I spend before and after, and only after downtime I actually found them. Next day the same thing happened. Third day also the same. :thinking:

I just did 4 of them and passed on quite a few more because I needed to kill the main BS and my Gila was never going to win from that Kronos/Rattle/Golem.


HS only.

These sites are super contested, my wormhole exited to that big highsec island in Aridia yesterday, and there was loads of those gala hacking sites and combat sites and even those were super contested by the Aridian locals.

I had to stay up late past my bedtime (lol) because I found a C1 with a NS static; and I had four Gala VIP hacking sites to do there and totally peacefully. There was probably 9 of those sites total and I racked up a bunch of points. “Made hay when the sun shined” I guess.

I’d also suggest getting away from Jita or any high-traffic system. These sites are bringing everyone out to play too so good luck.

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Should check out aridian lowsec, the russians there are always warm and welcoming.

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:laughing: they are so fierce lol


  • Fixed an issue that could in rare cases cause a Gala Coordination hacking site to remain empty without despawning until downtime even though all the containers are destroyed.

From patchnotes. I wonder if that was also with vip sites, or is it now and not seen yet. I wonder if that changed availability of sites due to system of respawn.

I don’t like piling onto a conspiracy but I found several of the VIP sites the first day of the event. Don’t think I’ve seen one since.

I just assumed i was being unlucky/slow to the party on the basis that i was going deep into a chain based on the fact that 1VIP site fills my cov ops which is annoying as hell.

I mean seriously what’s with all the massive stuff.

Massive stuff is filler for new inexperienced people. It is worth pennies in comparison with ORE data fragments, but there is a catch, that you have to transport those fragments in covops or some other nullified thing thru some systems that are null sec so they can be bubbled and on the gates you can even have smartbombing battleships. Its a bit tricky to sell this low volume, high value cargo.

Even if you ignore the bulk of it the Officers effects alone mean you can only really do 2-3 sites even if you are selective. It doesn’t really fit with a wh event. It feels like there should be more focus on getting folks down into a chain doing site number 10. As it stands I’m not really feeling incentivised to go “deep” for a handful of sites.

Yes i know i can just forgo the officers effects and only take the ORE Research things. But. the officers effects i can sell anywhere for an isk injection. the ORE things take time to sneak through to Outer Ring.

Just doesn’t feel thought through. A minor criticism. I’m enjoying the event really.

There are too few. They should just spawn 5 in every solar system. I like to solo them and there is always someone that comes and try to steal the kills.

Low sec sites are usually full of goodies. Sadly, I don’t think they are more lucrative than untouched high sec ones (I think we should get maybe another 12.5% more loot for the risk). The only reason I’m touching them instead of the Gallente high sec is because the low sec sites are closer to what I’m already doing.

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