Guardian Gala Issues and Questions

To @CCP_Swift @CCP_Paragon

Can you check into something of consideration.

Your instructions about the event were the fact that WH space, and Phoenix and Heaven constellation were to have VIP Gala sites. I was in Heaven for about 2-4 hours and nothing was spawning. The constellation chosen was a bit too small, so a “patrol” of exploration players will clear these systems, and literally make it nearly impossible to go down to these areas to do the higher event zone.

What bothers me especially with the Angel Cartel is there is an area inside CURSE with nearly 10 stations HLW-HP, you would think that system would be the hotspot for the event. Why were these small and very tight constellations, with almost no activity or potential chosen? And have due to their small size actually negated activity and content. 1 or 2 players can negate any VIP data spawns for serious amounts of time.

The spawn rate in this area seems very very low.

This event has been weird, because lowsec is being ignored, and nullsec to an extent. WH is getting worked. But at the same time its over pressuring the situation.

Also there has been a few “spoof” Guardian Gala Data sites spotted in lowsec, where they spawn with no cans at all.

Please next Guardian Gala 2023…make the Entire Pirate Regions be areas of spawning special sites. With areas with large numbers of stations the rate of respawn both of combat sites and data sites should go up. Making those systems battlezones and also giving those specific station heavy systems in the Pirate Regions of Curse and Phoenix a loot bonus. So the WH 90% loot drop bonus will happen in systems with alot of Pirate Stations.

Please check out the Gala Sites in Heaven and Phoenix.

In case you didn’t recognize yet, the hacking sites got a nerf yesterday and their drop of ORE fragments was reduced by 90% so they lost most of their value.

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