My (positive) feedback for CCP on the recent Gala and Rogue Swarm events

[I apologize if this is the wrong place for this type of thing, but the only other location that seemed appropriate also appeared to be extremely low-trafficked]

I have never participated in events until the most recent two - Rogue Swarm and Guardian Gala.

I loved them. They made me play Eve more, and more frequently. The loot was very motivating - SKINs, accelerators, and my personal favorite - the items with the inside jokes from Rogue Swarm. (Although I still don’t get the one about the stolen voting ballot.)

Perhaps most importantly, both of these ** events got me motivated to get out of high-sec. ** I’ve got 10 years of off-and-on Eve time, and that breaks down to 90% high-sec missions and 10% null-sec covops exploration, with nothing in between. The difference in loot between high-sec and low-sec was so striking (for Rogue Swarm, that is) that I couldn’t resist the urge to log in at odd times, do some scouting, and hang out in LS running events.

Now for some specific thoughts.

  • I ran maybe 400 sites for Rogue Swarm but only 70-80 Gala. But with the Gala, low-sec loot did not impress me relative to high-sec. I ventured out in LS several times, but after the 3rd or 4th site, I couldn’t notice a substantial difference between rewards / drops. Perhaps it was just unlucky RNG. But overall, if what I saw during the Gala event was normal, I would say please ramp up the differential between quality + amount of the good stuff in low-sec vs high sec. I can’t speak to NS and WH space.
    Had Gala been my first ever event, the low-sec $$ would not have been enough to draw me out of high-sec after I ran my first 2-3 low-sec event sites.

  • I can’t speak to the VIP sites; never tried 'em. (Real life dictates I must be a solo player for now.)

  • I am visually impaired, so I target-lock exclusively through the overview, as opposed to in-space. It was a bit frustrating to have ships 20km away on the overview, but be un-lockable for upwards of 10-15 seconds. I loved the AI mechanics and strategy, warping out and in again, but would have been helpful to have a visual indicator of when a ship became target-able. This is just a minor nitpick though.

  • Spawn pattern for both events was great, but Gala seemed to balance things out. I appreciated having to move on after running two sites in a system. It prevented system camping for the most part and, to a modest extent, helped keep regular event runners from running over each other.

  • I liked the high availability of both events. What I mean is that no matter what time of day or night it was, if I was in the mood to do event sites, I could log in and be doing it within a few minutes. Low friction. I also think that 5 minutes is the perfect amount of time to be able to run a site in assuming a good ship.

  • It was important that there were agency points continually awarded for ship kills, given that the frigates were infinite-spawning. Running Gala sites would grow noticeably tedious once I earned the ‘100 guests defeated’ award, and then had to wait hours before that series of challenges would open again.

  • This is just my opinion, but based on the agency rewards handed out at the various levels for both events, I felt that earning points for Rogue Swarm was just a bit easier than need be, and earning points for Gala was just a bit harder than need be. Plenty of room for disagreement on this one. I also acknowledge that CCP needs to do events for all skill levels, so not all events will be the same. What is challenging for a new player will sometimes be a cakewalk for a vet with 100mil SP.

  • PLEASE DO MORE EVENTS. They make me play the game more and participate more in the following ways:
    –> I’m thinking about getting into SKIN collecting, which might have me jumping on some of the Omega + SKIN offers, which I have never done before
    –> I feel like I log in at least twice as often and play twice as log during events.
    –> Those accelerators really keep me coming back. (I’m ridiculous - I even have a Google calendar remind me to consume them regularly, and other reminders when I need to take care of other event-related things. All of which gets me thinking about the game more and playing more.)

So, while others may nitpick or complain about certain aspects, I say Thanks and Bravo. Keep the events coming.

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