Swarm Event Best one ever

After running the swarm events i must say this was by far the best event ccp has ever made, was better then christmas gifts from ccp


I just wish it hadnt been so easy to complete

i seen people running them in gila’s and machariels barghests it was tricky doing them in a tristan which made it more fun :smiley:

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I was mostly using my Arbitrator. Poor girl hardly gets out much anymore.


Sites are still spawning, and now they are dropping way too much stuff.

RIP profits.

aww yiss
more +12 accelerators!
need ~100 of them to keep all my chars boosted till the end of the event
the grind continues …


Fixed an issue in the tutorial preventing players from progressing if they used the mini skill injector ahead of time.
Fixed an issue where Rogue Swarm bosses sometimes forgot to drop loot.

wonderful patch timing, fix the drops as the event expires.

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Event ends today I’m guessing?
Been too busy to participate…

The event has ended, you cant get the battleship anymore, but the sites are still there and droprate has been fixed. Even in highsec you get now ok loot. Thank god. Im tired of running from Russian intys in lowsec.

Amazing and best ever event.
Too bad it’s basically over.
No more battleship spawns…


I ment the reward. You got a battleship after 180 points in the event. This event is now over.

I just tried it in 0.2 low sec and i didn’t get battleship spawn.

Maybe they removed drone BS because loot would be too good with working loot drops^^
I got several empty BS wrecks before the fix.

Maybe, or i was just unlucky…

I’ve had 3 Secundis/BC spawns in highsec this morning. Maybe not seeing battleships in low/null is just bad luck/RNG…

I couldn’t look into lowsec recently, but 2 days ago the BS in lowsec site spawned with 100% rate (based on around 50 runs).

Confirm. Didn’t try lowsec today, but highsec got buffed, almost every site I ran had 2 spawns. Before it was super rare.

every site I’ve run in lowsec has spawned a BS for me, the loot is top notch I even got some BPCs for those augmented mining drones which sell for about 130 mil each

so sad, also rich

Agreed. Best event ever. Loot was very nice.

ive been getting them even today after this current downtime :slight_smile: