No overmind wreck

Hey all,

I’ve been running the latest Swarm event and I have run it 7 times, 2 times there was an overmind wreck, but 5 times there was not. Is this intentional? Because there was no wreck I couldn’t get the loot nor salvage the wreck.

Is this WAI? or is this a bug?


Haven’t heard anybody complain about this before. Maybe you switch to some weird overview setting that hides those wrecks?

I found out what the problem is, if you warp scram the BS you get nothing.

And my overview was set to all brackets.

OMG :stuck_out_tongue:
that’s … interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

That is very interesting.
From what I have read and experienced is the site is timed or at least the length of time the Overmind remains in the site after being spawned.
So taking too long to hack and then kill the Overmind means, even if scrammed, you get nothing.
A very interesting twist CCP has added to this event.

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