Guardians Gala 2018

I am sitting in lowsec at an event site. I was wondering:

When do the waves of ships stop?
Why can’t I damage the structures?
Why will drones not engage the structures but a message claims that they are?
Why do the rats warp in and out constantly like those at the FOBs?
Are these sites finished?
Are there suppose to be more than just frigates and cruisers?

Well, I am going for dinner now. The drones are fighting the never ending waves. Too bad the NPCs do not have bounties.

I have just returned from dinner and a couple of TV shows. I have lost two drones as the remaining three continue to fight. I am surrounded by 443 wrecks. I am not certain this is working as intended lol :slight_smile:


Oh yes, please, let it be like that in Tranquility too. :rofl:

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522 wrecks…silly

Interesting, if there are no bounties, it looks like somewhat intended … wasn’t there some hint about new ways of solving the puzzle in the latest in dev video?

Fit salvager, puzzle solved.

My guess … metal scraps, nothing but metal scraps…

must be a nerf to afk completing the sites that worked last time

Sure but I do not even know HOW to complete the site.

We trust in you finding it out. :wink:

this site cannot be completed 1000 wrecks and growing . one had 522 one 648 another site around 800 wrecks. i gave up. at end empty wreck of final spawn. gj

What? Wait! I have to figure stuff out?!? This is outrageous! lol

few smartbomb battleships and you can forget about the site…when you are done let salvage drones to deal with remains.

Solved the site … hint: ignore the frigs :wink:

Have you managed to kill the carrier yet?

Carrier? was in highsec, have to try more sites in other spaces …

The VIP versions of the sites have a carrier as end boss rather than a bs. The one I tried was in high sec … the fighter spawn ate my Tengu really quickly.

huh, almost died in highsec … there was a macha with insane alpha

Drones are useless, because they will be murdered by the frigs … yeah these sites are tough.

Carrier in HIGHSEC??


There are two versions of the sites and when I was trying them on Thursday both were spawning in highsec. There is the standard Guardians Gala and then the Guardians Gala VIP. The carrier spawned in the VIP version. Don’t panic it only had a 2mil isk bounty.