Guardians Gala 2018

Looks like this is a PvE-Fit only event …

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Carrier … no chance, you can’t lock the fighters and the ships warp accross the grid driven by the new AI. Looks like the VIP version is the group content this time. If this comes to highsec unchanged, many bears will die. :wink:

killboard will be full of purples,river of tears will gala is tought site. got my titan and doomsdayed carrier in hs,there was one in dodixie so had fun with bosonic field generator,since they ignoe mobile depots i refitted to regular doomsday to pop carrier

that would be interesting, if they didn’t web

They can’t put carriers in highsec unless they lift the ban on dreads. Sounds dumb.

Most likely glitched to all hell like recent events

Its an npc, they can appear where ever CCP want them to. There are at least a couple of missions (SOE epic arc springs to mind) where there is a carrier appearing in highsec.

You have to live with the 5-10 webs on you, killing them is fruitless because they respawn indefinitely and follow you everywhere. It’s using the new AI with fleet warps on grid. At least the web is weak and stack, so my speed was in the 200 range with AB, from 700. I didn’t want to use an MWD because of sig bloom.

What I did was, kill the cruisers, and if no cruiser was in range, kill frigs. All with an PvE-Fit Autocannon Loki. I guess the best would be a Sleipnir, followed by Machariel, though the Macha is a bit weak on tank and cap. Need more testing …

EDIT: anybody success with drones? Mine were webbed and killed.

I don’t see how you’re expected to kill that in a subcap 1 on 1

Everyone’s gonna hate the event if that’s the case. That new AI is dumb. No one wants that.

The normal sites are perfectly doable solo, regardless of the new AI. Although I don’t know what happens with multiple ships in the site, maybe there will be a surprise. Full disclosure, I’m fine with more people hating the sites. :wink:

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What I was thinking is maybe a Marauder can survive … sadly I’m not able to fly one to try (no I will not inject :wink: ).

Against the carrier? It’s my next thing to try if I can get on SISI later. I rather suspect the answer will be no though, those fighters = urk.

Huge tank Rattlesnake might, IF your drones don’t get eaten. Similarly Navy Scorpion, I might try one of those with rapid heavies.

I think the dps was around ~2000 in the carrier site, just a gut feeling from my tank and how fast it got overwhelmed. The problem I see is the time to kill the carrier, while you have to permatank that. In the short period I could stay on grid, I was not able to lock and shoot the fighter swarm.

That’s not something most players have access. Events should be completable for everyone solo if they aren’t gonna give loot shares. They shouldn’t have cap spawns in high sec at all really. In null or wormhole or low maybe.
Average people in reasonably fit cruisers have no chance to a carrier

Let’s wait how they spin it tomorrow, but there are normal sites and VIP sites, only VIPs have the carrier spawn. Just do the normal sites solo, and leave the VIPs to fleets. But let’s see whether there is really no way to beat it solo.

I managed to tank VIP Carrier and even to kill it with my Golem. DPS is rather small.
Also tanking carrier with a proper fitted Tengu.

But there are several very important things to note:

  1. Frigates and cruisers respanws indefinitely.
  2. There were only 8 fighters from carrier (Thanatos) and when I killed only one (tried they tank), ANOTHER group of fighters arrived – so, 7+8!!! DPS from them begun to overflow my Tengu SB.
  3. Carrier often unlockable. It say “warpdrive working” and I waited for more than 5 minutes – nothing happed. I orbited on my Tengu 10-20km, carrier was flying around ~20 meters per second and no way to lock him – WTF?

Anyway, it will be released unchanged on Singularity, I even don’t know what to say. CCP, are you smoking something? WTF, guys?!

Tengu solo.

And that happens, when carrier jumps ~150 km away – it can’t be locked anymore:

Same will be on Singularity, really?!

Yesterday a few friends and I tackled the VIP sites.

  1. If the carrier bounces off the structure upon spawn, leave the site. The carrier will travel away and become unlockable.

  2. Kill a few cruisers until the carrier spawns then focus the carrier. Nothing else. Just the carrier. You must tank everything in the site.

  3. EWAR does NOT work on the carrier, webs etc are not allowed on the carrier or fighters. You can web the frigates and cruisers.

  4. The damage dealt is EXPLOSIVE. However, the carrier spawn is random and the fighters are random. They will deal the same or DIFFERENT damage types compared to the frigates and cruisers.

  5. A fully fit passive shield regen Rattlesnake was able to tank the site at 30% shields. However the DPS of the ship was poor.

  6. Drones get eaten alive. Very very careful if you insist on using drones.

  7. Finally, do not us e a Gila. Please. A fleet mate was two shot with the typical Gila PvE fit. Just don’t.

These are our observations over 3 sites. Your mileage may vary.

I only encountered Thanatos. With Serpentis Vipers. In Caldari high-sec.

BTW, best damage type to Angel rats here was explosive, while Thanatos seems to have a big kinetic hole in resists.

I don’t see webbing frigs in your picture, were you able to finish them off, after the carrier (endboss) arrived?

No, it’s just I was blowing them constantly while heading to carrier (MJD away and was flying away).
Those frigs and cruisers respawns indefinitely. It was just a moment they were all killed.

Just tried to kill Thanatos again – managed this with Tengu. Luckily, carrier was not jumping away. Took me about 15 minutes on my Tengu with 724 DPS with kinetic. The loot: (implant with +7% stasis web range).

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