Guardians Gala 2018

I couldn’t find a VIP site in high sec last night. I guess they will be low / null only.

I’m Russian and in English version of EVE there are two different beacons (Gala and Gala VIP).
In Russian version there is only one, as my friends stated. No difference in name. But when we were flying together and were in VIP – carrier arrives.

Just not translated correctly, as I think. CCP… It’s again CCP…

I found atleast 6 VIP sites in Lonetrek high-sec last 24 hours on test server.

Ok i tried several things now.

  1. A gila works in normal sites (havent tried the BS spawn yet)
  2. my tengu worked in normal sites too. but the battleship alphad me from 100% shield to 50% armor in one shot before i managed to kill it
  3. I lost today 1b on ships because i did the sites in fw lowsec. lost my gila to pvp fight. my Dominix to NPCs and my 120m Assault frig to not warping out after i killed the dude who tried to kill my MTU

After you kill the carrier do you warp out and they despawn or do you have to clean up before sending in salvage?

Can I get a pic if the brutix skin preview?

When you kill the boss, the stuff on grid stays and you have to clear it if you need, but no new stuff will spawn.

Same for the german version. EN makes a difference between Gala and Gala VIP. DE does not. :slight_smile:

Anyway: Sites are fast in a Tengu. Fullspeed approach the BS with MWD (or heat SB for some cycles) and orbit it close to kill it in time. Works with HM’s and HAM’s.

What’s problematic is the event reward. You need to run hundreds and hundreds of sites to complete it. Killing 25 BC and Higher guests is 25 Sites (more on Highsec) for 10 points. That’s just nuts, CCP.

The event is meant to be done a little per day, not all in one day. It lasts like 14 days so if you do a little everyday its only 50 points/day

Most everything leaves, I see 1-2 stay sometimes. Kill the boss, it colapses like an assault incursion.

I like it, the last xmas event was too easy, this one required some thinking. Like most good puzzles, once you find the key, it seems so simple and obvious and the time/isk lost is forgotten.

I guess the site worked another way for CCP too, with the flood of ship skins over the recent events, I have gone from ‘hey I no waste isk on frilly skins stuff’ to why not.

Dunno why someone would freet over the rewards, maybe the last one is of limited interest. The ship rewards from a couple events ago seem like the best deals.

The last one is arguably the most valuable. Since it lasts 6 days, if you consume it on the last day before the accelerators expire, you will still have the boosts after you can no longer consume any more accelerators.

Granted, you can get these are rare drops as well, but it’s a nice prize.

Got 2 of them, and with 200 points to get the ‘reward’, I’ll probably get a third + reward - or would if I continued. I sold off the passive tanked GILA that easily ran the sites, and sold off the skins, 3day boosts (60m in jita), etc.

The boost is useful, since injectors are a bad deal past 50M sp, but I would have done better running null anoms or hi-sec incursions and just buying the boosts. Perhaps a faction module as a final reward would hold interest until the end of the event, one that a couple HQ sites cannot buy.

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