Congrats on a great event (so far)

The Event has been great, so far. If more is to come then even better.
Some improvements in future events that can be taken from this one:

If there are going to be multiple things to find. maybe stagger them out one by one. This was really all built up and over very fast once the method was understood. Would have been better if it was more varied to give more people a chance. Like we didn’t even have it for a week. People who mainly play on weekends barely got a look in. And the person who cracked the first one had a good chance at getting all of them.

Make sure the distribution of the event is fairly even I’m unsure how much effect it really had but there was a perception that certain groups had a distinct advantage due to access to Guristas and Angel null ratting others did not have.

own the board- More players would have got involved and felt part of the event and like they had a chance if there had been a webpage ccp owned where we uploaded our fragments and everyone could see them. While it would not have stopped private groups having their own walls with red string on. It would have given more players exposure to the event.

having a big reward is great. But maybe have a smaller reward to for the masses. Like in this case if we submitted a complete set of nav data at say SoCT station we could redeem an event skin. That way at least if you spent 3 days doing this you would have some reward. like a participation reward. Could have just been a pretty boring skin with jove colors or something. But it would have made the casual players have something from the event as well. You know the guys who can not be logged in 16h a day.

Other than that. This has been fantastic. I’ve not been so hyped for EVE in ages. I’ve not interacted with the community this much in ages. It was great to have streamers to follow during the event. And it really broke down alliance walls and borders.
Also, I can’t count the number of people who have said in twitch they heard of this event and wanted to start playing again. It was so nice to see. It was also nice to see CCP following along our progress. Getting involved in streamers shows while it was on. etc etc.

in short. More of this CCP. Well done.

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~semi-AFK Gila farming noises~

You can farm Gila’s?

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Looks like some kind of new ship skin.

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As the third person to find Delta gate as far as I know, It was amazing fun.

However in the future I hope that they make new content to go with the hunt for information instead of shoving it into the loot table of something that is already being botted to death. Ruins the fun of a race when you know that one guy is using steroids, everyone knows they’re using steroids, but they still get to compete and win, sad.

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I didn’t even finish reading the description of the task as I already knew it wasn’t going to happen for me, not even close.

yes, i do understand that this event played to the minority and some people are upset that they didn’t get last year’s style events that were more inclusive.

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