The Annual Alliance Tournament is Greatly Appreciated

Thank you for the Annual Alliance Tournament! Seriously, it is great. I know it takes time, money and work, but imho it is absolutely well worth it. Please, keep it going.


I agree 100%


i am sorry but there re allways more then enough guys calling for more “player driven” stuff happens in EVE and now it happens and its not ok?
yea the dev(s) in charge are not here anymore … and? that happens everywhere all the time
now its player driven … it needs hepl from devs … in the end CCP has no extras from the AT … work only with the servers so its cool we can have it but thats all

some run it and some work on it … its now player driven and with CCP support … thats exact the thing so many call for

evrytime the same … if CCP is running an event or something else its a big crying out in the wild because its “bull****, or not interessting or something else” … i dont know why …

if players run something its a bid crying because CCP should do the stuff and support it and so on …

so it seams like guys like you @Arya_Alderian dont want anything new … anything happens … anyone is running anything … you want do your own stuff and no changes happens … i tell you a secret … you can just ignor it and do what you want … it works … really

thanks to all the guys who make AT this year possible!!

i think @Elleren is total right!!


Let’s keep it civil shall we?

Thanks for the appreciation for the Alliance Tournament. It takes a hell of a lot of work to pull it off each year.

With regards to this year, the tournament backed (referee work, technical support and tooling) still resides here in Iceland with CCP.

The broadcast this year is however being run by our partners at EVE NT, after they did an absolutely incredible job with hosting the first two weekends last year :slight_smile:

Very excited to see how they present things this year :slight_smile:


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