Is Alliance Tournament happening this year?

I am wondering if the Alliance Tournament is happening this year.

I would really like to be able to watch it as I am new to playing and it seems like a really cool idea to have these tournaments. I bet CCP gains lots of attention during the event.

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That’s a negative.

Why not, there hasnt been any announcements?

Is there going to be a new season of MASH this year?

No announcement means no tournament. They don’t do that anymore.

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I’m pretty sure that we will see a return of the AT, but the outlook is starting to look bad for it returning this year.

The AT was the best yearly event ever in EVE. You look at a fight someone posted on YouTube and it is colored specks on the screen with an FC yakking away. The AT was extraordinary, an intricate look into fits, ship types, strategies, tactics, and just plain fun to watch.

The commentary and blow by blow descriptions provided live excitement as to how piloting and decisions made by FCs are crucial in an evenly matched battle. Its a damn shame the premier showcase of PvP in EVE is no longer.


It would be nice given all of the IRL being cancelled, if they could put the efforts into an AT this year.

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It was said last year that it is cancelled permanently and will ‘maybe’ replaced by something else.
Never heard of anything that should take its place though.

Probably not unfortunately.

So what form would an Alliance Tournament take? Would it be a rorqual mining op under a supercap umbrella? Or would it be carrier ratting? Or would they just gather on a private discord channel and negotiate a deal beforehand?

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Ask CCP…

They are in charge,we only can speculate…

But i fear,as they have fired most of their competent staff and replaced them by cheaper ones,they lack the ability to create something new,or even see the long term consequences of their ‘good ideas’,as seen in the actual patch.

The actual guys only can create skins,and that is not good for the game :stuck_out_tongue:


the answer is: NO!

details: none … there was no clear NO last year on the events but there was no YES at any time

he AT has no real benefit for EVE as a game … its a tournament for some elite guys … a nice to have only … sure … there was a community waiting for it and sure there were a lot of guys waiting to watch but in the ende … EVE can life without it … it was work … it was weekend work … many of the guys in background made it for free / in there free time (i heard that … not sure about it) so …

i dont know if EVE needs the AT … i will never be part of a team so i dont care … guess i have watched like 3 or 4 matches …

and yea its bad for the guys who wanted to play


The AT was a great publicity tool for Eve/CCP, but it embodied something that doesn’t otherwise exist in the game. It always seemed contrived to me.


From the CSM Minutes:

Since Logibro left, CCP haven’t had anyone who could maintain the tooling he developed, so until they invest effort into that, we aren’t likely to see the AT.

So unless a dev is using their current social distancing time to develop something, it’s a big no for this year already, even without any announcement so far.

Can you supply a link to where it said it was being cancelled permanently? I haven’t heard of that yet. I could only find the post where they say they were taking a hiatus and that was in 2019.

Ever heard of taxes taken back by your goverment,even if said they would be just ‘temporary’? :slight_smile:

If your answer is ‘no’ than you should know that the alliance tournament will never come back…

It’s history and every hope of a return is ridiculous

It was not cancelled permanently. As usual Balos is (a) talking bollocks.

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no modern pvp meta is not the e-sport that was showcased by alliance tourny - instead its making miner hulls more ganky.

As always you have no clue what you are posting…

You are literally confirming what i just said by trying to turn it against me in a try to attack and devalue me…

So sad you are not ‘using the full brain capacity of a normal human beeing’.

Otherwise your post would be more…hm…taunting.

Don’t forget the awesomeness of every new created skin…people always forget skins…