Small tournament

Hey i’m doing a small tournament for Alliance and friends, and as i’m guessing i’m not getting TD access for that i’d like to see if i could get a chunk (150-200) of Skill injectors on Sissy (sissy only) to allow lower SP people to quickly inject up… @CCP_Falcon

It will kick off in October 12 to 25th.

Do you have something similar to the alliance tournament in mind? Sounds kinda cool.

CCP doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record on supporting tournaments on SISI tho

Still thought i’d ask.
If they can, then great. Obviously i’d rather have TD access and what not :stuck_out_tongue: but i don’t see that happening anything soon.

Atm i’m doing small 1v1. Last i did was frig and dessies 1v1, 16 people double elimination.
Still 1v1 but cruiser this time, i’m working my way up to being comfortable hosting larger scales for more people. This is the playlist of the previous one i did it was my first time ever commentating and it was a bit of a learning curve. Still learning mind you.

Plan this time is to stream it all so i can get comfortable doing that on a larger scale… Its a lot of work for 1 person xD. Eventually i hope i can provide some interesting tournaments for the open public not just invited few, but it makes it easier to learn in a smaller environment where i can scale as i get better.


Some people might say there is no place for EDM mixed over the back ground of eve tournament commentary. I’m not sure i agree anymore. Good job. :+1:

There is always a place for good EDM, you just need to find it :stuck_out_tongue: .
Thanks :slight_smile: i had fun making the tourney and the videos. Had some issues with my mic in the first few ones so audio is a bit borked…

For those that might be interested.
At 18:00 eve the Friendly Fire 2 tournament will kick off… I’ll stream it here

This is the brackets it will be a smaller and shorter one this time…

And as i’m doing this alone, i’ll prioritize the smoothness for the participants over stream if i have to, so keep that in mind… And apologize for shitty commentary :stuck_out_tongue:

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