(?) RESULT (?) : Sign-ups for Alliance Tournament 2018

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Sign-ups was close on 2018-05-27. When are we going to get results ?


BTW : https://community.eveonline.com/community/alliance-tournament/ is not updated on all nodes of your clusters. Sometimes it load the content of last year … lol

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It would be nice to get the feeders schedule soon.

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Unbelievable 10 day remaining and team does not even know if they have to do the feeder round or they are in through the auction bid.

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I believe we won’t have news today either.

Dear space friends,

On Thursday, May 31, CCP Curtis and CCP Guard will be in Orlando, Florida and would like to invite the local EVE players (and any EVE player who can make it) to Ferg‘s Depot for a couple of drinks and a night of space talk!

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Apologies for the delay in information.

Please see more information here AT Registration Results - Update

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