AT XVI live feeder coverage?

(Rayo Atra) #1

I know eveNT is running the show. You guys have done a baller job so far. Will there be coverage of the feeders? Im home all weekend. : ]

(Mizhir) #2

There wouldn’t be any feeders since there haven’t been enough alliances that have signed up.

(Rayo Atra) #3

ahh i knew it was a little short. but i didnt realize that was a thing. balls. hopefully everyone can still make the most of this and foster interest for upcoming events.

(EVE0S) #4

If their would have been a feeder round, this would have been awful with CCP planning. We don’t have all access granted to thunderdome and the feeder round was supposed to be on thunderdome. A big thumbs down to CCP this year.

IGC Alliance tournament has not reply evemail for the past 7 days, but he answered some on forums.

What to said …

(Kei Hazard) #5

Still no sign of granting the Thunderdome access and it is 36 hours before the planned time for the feeder round.

No wonder why there is not enough teams for feeder round this year. Hard rules, not enough training and alliance switching time makes it too hard for middle-low tier teams to even compete.

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #7

Just to confirm that as announced in the registration thread on this sub forum, there will not be any feeder rounds this year.

We are working to get Thunderdome access established for competing teams as soon as possible.

(system) #8

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