Ruleset soon? And feeder rounds?

Title says it all. Got the theorycraft itch. Been making comps under what I think will happen to Points while leaving a little buffer room. Its almost the end of the first week of may…

Everyone gets the same amount of time with the rules, calm down

I know that. I tried looking up when we received the ruleset last year and couldn’t find it. All I found was the date you had to be a member of the participating alliance. 5/16 btw. The matches are the same month as last year. So by typical timescales we should have the ruleset soon I would hope

Last year, the rules came out on the 24th, just over two months ahead of the first weekend. Going by the same time frame, we have a few more weeks still.

Actually they came out about 2-3 weeks before the feeders, which were second weekend of June. The TEST internal rules discussion thread is dated May 24th. Eve-NT posted their day 1 feed of the Feeder Rounds on June 10th. We also know the main tournament schedule for this year is the same as last year; 4 weekends starting the last weekend in July. So I would not be surprised if we got the rules sometime this week.

This means if you did not participate last year or did not place in the top 16 last year, you should be getting your house in order because you may have to enter and qualify within the next month.

I can’t speak for them directly, but I know the community team and Fozzie are working feverishly to get all the info you need to take part in ATXVI out ASAP, I would expect them very soonTM.

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what’s left of it… so many quit or were fired this may very well be the last AT not even any prize ships. good chance the ATs final song will be a dud rather than a bang

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Can’t have that mentality about it. Perhaps they will see there is still a community here willing to partake. They can restructure the community team. See if rereleasing old at ships or similar would be worthwhile. Special modules, anything along those lines. A year subscriptions cool but I think more play for the glory than for the isk.

This thread was more to beg for ruleset sooner than later. Got the theorycraft itch. Winder 8f triglavian ships will be allowed. Also praxis looks strong, pending points

I’m not CCP. But I’m 99.9% certain the Praxis will be costed as T1 BS, since it is a T1 BS. The other allowed SoCT ships (Sunesis, Gnosis) are all T1 ships with T1 prices.

Indications are that the Triglavian ships are probably going to be allowed. Not sure on points yet.

I’m more curious to find out what kind of prizes will be distributed.

No surprise, since that was the day the rules were posted.

not that anyone would use the tri ships…

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