Alliance Tournament XVI Registration Results - Update

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #1

After the first round of registrations we can confirm the following teams will be returning automatically after their placement in last year’s tournament and application this year (in no particular order):

Pandemic Legion
Test Alliance Please Ignore
skill urself
The Initiative. (with Initiative Mercenaries)
Northern Coalition.
The Tuskers Co.
Brave Collective
A Band Apart.
Bright Side of Death
Exodus. (with Rogue Caldari Union)
Pen Is Out

The following teams have registered correctly and will also be accepted, some have paid additional fees for the silent auction, in which case those additional payments will be returned (in no particular order):

Templis CALSF
End of Life
Centipede Caliphate.
GaNg BaNg TeAm
Black Legion…
No Handlebars.
Snuffed Out
Salt Farmers
Two Maidens One Chalice
Requiem Eternal
Lowsechnaya Sholupen
United Federation of Conifers
Quebec United Legion (with La Division Bleue)
CAStabouts (with the Center for Advanced Studies)
Dream Fleet
Goonswarm Federation
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
No Vacancies.
League of Unaligned Master Pilots
We want your ISK
Odin’s Call
Of Sound Mind
Villore Accords
Phage and Terror
Solyaris Chtonium
Wormhole Poverty Law Foundation
Immediate Destruction
The Bastion
PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS (with Honorable Third Party and Domain Research and Mining Inst.)
The Bastard Cartel
The Weekend Warriors
Unspoken Alliance.
Shattered Foundations (with ICKARU5)
Red vs Blue (Red Federation & Blue Republic)
Holesale Operations

Therefore we still have 10 available slots for this years Alliance Tournament and will accept the first 10 correct registrations before a final closing date of Sunday June 24th. Any registration after this date will not count, and registration over the 10 remaining slots will not be accepted (applicants will be notified either way as soon as possible and we will announce we are full).

As we will not fill more than the 64 required teams for this Tournament no feeder rounds will be required. For the teams that have registered correctly and have sent additional PLEX for the silent auction; your additional PLEX will be returned as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for details on how teams can get Thunderdome access & a blog announcing the Alliance Tournament prizes soon!

(?) RESULT (?) : Sign-ups for Alliance Tournament 2018
Dev Blog: Alliance Tournament 2018 - Rules and Sign-Ups
(Vewglas Ouroborose) #2

Are we gonna see prizes announced before June 24th?

(Intigo) #3

Do we have an ETA on Thunderdome access? Are we talking a week or are we talking over a month?

(Deus Morteus) #4

Will there be clarification on the deadline for pilots to be in the alliance they needed to be in ? Since the originial blog had two diffrent times

(Nika NOisER) #5

ATXIV nostalgia

(Mizhir) #6

Rip AT

(EVE0S) #7

AT is not rip, there was a terrible lack of advertising and planning. There was not much time given to register alliance. There was no advertising before 2018-05-18, and we only had from 2018-05-18 to 2018-05-27 to register.

If at least, there was a fixed day for Alliance tournament opening, subcriptions closing like holiday :

Opening : first monday of june
Sub close : …
Feeder start : …
Tournament start : …

Their would be a lot more subcriptions

(xTIGGERx) #8

I would argue that it’s more to do with the rules this year than anything else.

(CCP Fozzie) #9

(Crystalline Entity) #10

Darwinism to win, you heard it here folks!

(Senjiu Kanuba) #11

I was unaware that registration had already happened. I had a busy two weeks and didn’t do much in eve. Good thing I wasn’t in charge of that. xD

(Stalence) #12

Care to explain how you think the rule set this year is dissuading participation? Honestly curious.

I think there is probably more theory-crafting to do this year than ever given the limit 1 hull type, 3x bans, and fitting flexibility of the SOCT ships that enjoy a points reduction this year but I think the meta and comps will be fun. Anything is an improvement over drone swarms.

(xTIGGERx) #13

It brings down an iron fist on what you can bring, makes it needlessly more complicated and overall diminishes the spectacle of what the AT should be I think. Also having spoken to a few of the AT teams, not announcing what the prizes are is a big let down to them also.

(xTIGGERx) #14

Or atleast not sqaushing the rumours for when they came about anyway, but I digress on that.

(DrHorrible) #15

Is there any plan to extend the deadline to be in an alliance to be eligible to compete, similarly to how the deadline to register was extended?

(Skill Injector) #16

Cant wait to get my plex back

(Soldarius) #17

I may be wrong, but is this not the worst participation ever for AT?

All the top-tier teams are present. So its not lack of prize ships.

What happened to The R0nin?

(Cyclo Hexanol) #18

I think it is lack of hype as well as the short deadlines that were introduced. Gonna miss the feeders.

(Tonestar 1) #19

Jackdaw Doctrine with Kitsunes …

(Capqu) #20

the rules are honestly awful, morale in my teams camp is in the dumpster because of them tbh

every time you size up your opponent you’re just listing off ships as if you jumped into some dumb gatecamp or roaming pots and pans