EVE_NT Presents: The Alliance Open

Greetings capsuleers,

Here at EVE_NT we’ve brought you many competitive events, tournaments and leagues in Eve Online over the years. From the EVE_NT Collides series, the EVE_NT Major and Minor Leagues, the Caldari Corporation Cup at FanFest and, of course, producing and hosting Alliance Tournament XVI and 50/50 producing Alliance Tournament XV with CCP.

Now, with the blessing and support of CCP we aim to bring the return of the Alliance Tournament experience and so, we bring you The Alliance Open.

As of 00:01 Eve Time August 1st the registration is open at https://open.eve-nt.uk/
There will be 32 teams with the first 24 slots allocated in a First-Come-First-Serve basis with the remaining 8 teams being chosen from a random draw in the event of more than 32 teams signed up.

We’re also looking for generous individuals with large wallets who might want to contribute to the prize pot which, as of 0001 1st August 2020 the prize pot stands at appoximately 540b ISK.
The full rules are available on the website but here’s a short summary of the main changes:

Summary of key changes from Alliance Tournament 16 to EVE_NT Alliance Open

  • This tournament is sponsored by EDENCOM, who are looking to recruit combat-hardened capsuleers to aid in the defence of New Eden against the Triglavian menace. As a result, heavy restrictions are in place regarding Triglavian hulls, while EDENCOM ships boast an attractive points reduction.
  • Instead of a limit to the maximum number of copies a team may field of any given ship, teams are restricted to a maximum of three (3) of any hull size, with exceptions where noted.
  • Point costs have been adjusted for a number of ship groups.
  • The ban system has changed to 3 blind bans, communicated to the referee prior to the match.
  • The Flagship rule has been replaced by the Wildcard rule.
  • Precursor ships have been given their own points table and are limited to three (3) ships total.
  • Electronic Counter Measures modules may only be fitted to ships which give ECM bonuses.

Make sure you join our Discord if you have any questions! eve-nt.uk/discord