Feeder round rules clarification please CCP

Can we get clarification around feeder rules. Announcement says feeder will use ATXV rules. Does this mean that all rules etc are exactly same as last year?

Which is important because does that include ship points as exactly as per ATXV?
Does it mean flag ships can be used?
Does it mean you can still bring T2 drones and 2 x of each ship? etc.

Check the devblog again, and the devblog thread. It’s ATXVI rules

Cross-posting from the other thread for visibility - the correct statement is the following;

“The feeder round taking place on the weekend of June 9-10 2018 and will use these ATXVI rules with the following exceptions”

The feeder rules are therefore based on the new rule set. The post will be updated as soon as possible.

Thank you

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